Greetings Folkdancers,

Contra dancing this Saturday, so no International folkdancing until the following Saturday May 17. This
will be the last Contra of the spring, and a send-off for long-time caller Mark Mathews. Contra dance begins
with lessons from 7:30 to 8 pm, and dancing follows from 8 to 11 pm. Admission is $7 for adults, $4 for
teens, $13 for families and free for kids or non-dancers.

International dancing will continue through the summer every Saturday night, 7 to 10 pm. Contra dances will
resume in September on the second Saturday of each month. All take place at the Salvation Army gym, 110
Bountiful Drive, Kalispell.


Ajd' Noga Za Nagama    	Croatia
Macedonka            	Macedonia
Oseh Shaloam            Israel
Louky                	Czech
Devojko Mari Hubava     Bulgaria
Ta Vilina            	Greece
Sylivrianos Syrtos      Greece
Hine Ma Tov            	Israel
Kuma Echa            	Israel
Preplet             	Serbia
T'Filati            	Israel
Ljaski                	Bulgaria
Bavno Oro             	Macedonia
Plaka Hasapiko          Greece
Ada's Kujawiak #1       Poland
Vlasko za pojas         Serbia
Belasicko Oro           Macedonia
Newcastle            	England
Tervelska Raka          Bulgaria
Mori Odajo            	Macedonia
Megdansko Horo          Bulgaria
Trip To Bravaria        Scotland
Reel of the 51st division    Scotland
Cobankat            	Albania
Narino                	Turkey
Sitna Zborinka          Bulgaria
Lesnoto                	Macedonia
Lesnoto Oro (Oj Ti Pile)Bulgaria


1.    Russ
2.    Missy
3.    Jackie
4.    Roger
5.    Don
6.    Rose
7.    Maryann
8.    Marvin
9.    Jon

Don S