Howdy Dancers,

Here are the dances done at the Kalispell International Folkdancers gathering of March 22, along
with the dancers (and in my case, spectators) who took part. Yep, I had a ladder slip out from beneath me
last week and ended up with a torn Achilles tendon, so I will be on the spectators' bench for a few weeks
while it mends. But I plan to use the opportunity to try to video a good number of the dances we are doing,
to keep busy and supplement the many fine videos that Roger and Russ have put together over the years.

Next Saturday, March 29, we will mark the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the Kalispell Flathead Valley
International Folkdancers! Imagine that! Ten years and going strong. I suspect there will be some treats, and
maybe a spontaneous cheer or two for those who started the group and those who were at the first dance. Hopa!
Plan to join in for the dance of a decade!

Russ reports that the date for the 2008 Camp and Stamp international folkdance gathering here in Kalispell
will be Saturday June 28. I believe this will be the FIFTH annual Camp and Stamp. Dancing Saturday afternoon,
potluck dinner, dance party Saturday night, overnight camping at Russ' and Missy's place, Sunday breakfast and
more dancing... Exact plans and schedule still to come, but it's a wonderful summer event. Put it on
your calendar. Kudos to Russ and Missy for all their work in organizing this event and pulling it off every

Dances of 3-22-08

Heyamo                     	Turkey
Tzadik Katamar                	Israel
Djado mitjovata         	Bulgaria
Mori Odajo                	Macedonia
Nevesto Carven Trendafil    	Bulgaria
Dimitrija            		Armenia
Oj Cvjetjot Kalina        	Russia
Changerais-tu                	Brittany
Trite Pati            		Bulgaria
Tino Mori            		Macedonia
Horehronsky Csardas            	Slovakia
Twelfth Street Rag        	USA
Sparf Fars Polska        	Sweden
Promoroaca                	Romania
Trip to Bavaria                	Scotland
Gori More                	Macedonia
Mairi's Wedding                	Scotland
Dance Above the Rainbow         Ireland
Narino                    	Turkey
Debka Kafrit                	Israel
Baris Halayi                	Turkey
Harmonica                	Israel
Raca                    	Serbia
Dance Of Ikaria                	Greek
Duke of Perth                 	Scotland
T'Filati            		Israel
Joc batranesc de la Niculitel   Romania
U Sest 2            		Serbia
Milanovo Kolo                 	Serbia
Kuma Echa                	Israel
Alunelul de la Urzica           Romania
Vrni Se Vrni                	Macedonia
Takanata            		Bulgaria
Erev Ba                    	Israel
Ljaski                    	Bulgaria
Sitna Zborenka                	Bulgaria
Lesnoto Oro (Oj Ti Pile)    	Bulgaria

Dancers 3-22-08
1.    Russ
2.    Missy
3.    Don (with torn Achilles tendon)
4.    Rose
5.    Jackie
6.    Lauren
7.    Roger
8.    Sharon
9.    Marvin
10.    Connie
11.    Sam
12.    Ruth
13.    Joe


Don S