Rosalind, Linda, Allison, Laurie, Cris, Ardyce, Larissa, Lita
Margaret, Marilyn, Missy, Barbara, Cissy, Connie, Russ, Don &
Rose, Jackie Z., John & Diana, Jon, Max & Eva, Hank & Mardia,
Sally & Alan, Sam & Ruth, Sarah, Sue, Jackie V., Christie,
Lauren, Richard & Susan, Cecelia, Ruth S., Tim, Brenda, Joe,
Ed & Deanna, Debbie B., Michael & Susan, Sally D., Debbie F.
Julie T.

Dances from July 3, 2004 at the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM.
(close to the order we did them in)

1 Trind Polska -Finland -Russ taught (circle, front basket hold)
2 Jiana -Romania -Russ taught (circle, back basket hold)
3 Devojko Mari Hubava -Rhodopes, Bulgaria -Roger taught (slow
pravo, pies during instrumental)
4 Hashual (the Fox) -Israel -Russ taught (circle dance)
5 Setnja -Serbian line (faster at end -skiping)
6 Bannielou Lambaol -France/Brittany (line dance)
7 Ajde Jano- Serbia (line dance)
8 Juice of the Barley -English
9 Dayagim -Israeli couple dance -Roger and Larissa taught
10 An Dro Retourne -France\Brittany
11 Garoon -Armenia
12 Melissa's Waltz (music is Amelia's Waltz)
13 Kyustendilska Rac^enica -Bulgaria (Danses Folkloriques version)-
-Julie and Roger taught (Mostly Julie)
Belt hold, 4 count intro.
The short notation for the sequences:
Ruc^enitsa -I/O (in then out) 2x (two times)
BBS (bounce bounce step) I/O
IP#1 (in place) 2x
side to side -4 counts
IP#1 4x
Cross BBS (cross right over left)-I, BBS -O
IP#2 4x
Cross BBS -I, BBS -O
JJ (like a jumping jack, qqsqqs 4x)
IP#1 4x
IP#2 4x
14 Birchot Havdalah -Israel
15 At the Inn -Germany (couple, fast waltz) 1of3: clap, clap rt with
partner, clap lft with partner, clap both with partner, Waltz.
2of3:woman turns twice under mans rt arm, Waltz. 3of3 holding
hands,turn away from each other, each turning in a circle,
again, Waltz. Repeat. (hope that's right -correct it if wrong.

16 Teen -Armenian-Kurdish
17 Kostursko Oro -Macedonia
18 Harmonica -Israel
19 Tocul -Romanian couple dance
20 Trip to Bavaria -Scotland -done one and a half times...
21 Arap -Macedonia
22 Pidhichtos Banas (PEE-deek-tos BAH-nas) -North Thrace
23 Tervelska Tropanka -Bulgaria, Dobrudz^a
24 Tino Mori -Macedonia


A "2" is a quick step c^ = "ch" sound or s^ = "sh" sound
A "3" is a slow step

5/16 2+3 qs Paidus^ko
7/16 2+2+3 qqs Ruc^enitsa
7/16 3+2+2 sqq C^etvorno / Lesnoto
9/16 2+2+2+3 qqqs Daic^ovo
9/16 2+3+2+2 qsqq Gruncars^ko
11/16 2+2+3+2+2 qqsqq Kopanitsa / Gankino
12/16 3+2+2+2+3 sqqqs Petrunino
12/16 3+2+2+3+2 sqqsq Pus^noto
15/16 2+2+2+2+3+2+2 qqqqsqq Buc^imis^
18/16 (3+2+2)+(2+2+3+2+2) sqq qqsqq Jove Molo Mome (7/16+11/16)
25/16 (3+2+2)+(3+2+2)+(2+2+3+2+2) sqq sqq qqsqq Sedi Donka(7/16+7/16+11/16)


1 Connie
2 Cris
3 Debbie F. <1st time folk dancing
4 Don
5 Georgia
6 Jackie Z
7 Joe
8 Jon
9 Julene <1st time folk dancing
10 Julie
11 Larissa
12 Lauren
13 Marvin
14 Missy
15 Roger
16 Rose
17 Russ
18 Scott
The Summer announcements, for dancing during the week, is up to
you. Let me know of current activities and I'll put them here.

Armenian workshop with Tineke (sounds like Teen-eh-keh) van Geel,
Calgary, November 13 & 14 2004. We will leave Friday afternoon
November 12 to be in Calgary by 7:30pm. At this point the cost
of the work shop will be 50 dollars Canadian funds.

Sally's fine work is available for online viewing:

For other dance information from Bozeman and Butte check out our web
site: http://www.montanafolkdance.org

Any suggestions, comments, corrections, you have are welcome!

Till next time