Kalispell International Folk Dancers

First picture of our Folk Dance group at Woodland Park Kalispell August, 22, 1998. Sara teaching
Dancing in the Pavilion Aug 22, 1998
2002, Russ's Birthday, Back row, LtoR
Shirly, Ray, Bob, Sam, Don, Jackie,
Rose, Cris, Russ, Larissa, Jon,
Front Row, LtoR Lauren, Debbie,
Rene, Tony, Brigitte, Missy, Roger
Ruth took the picture
2003, Boulder Hot Springs
2003, Boulder Hot Springs
Steam and Stomp 2003, folk dancing
2003, Folk dancing in Bozeman
2003, Bozeman, waiting for the next dance
2003, From Left to Right: Marvin, Rose,
Roger, Russ,Hallie, Cris ...2003
October 2003, Theodor and Lia Vasilescu Romanian Workshop,
in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
2003, Folk dancing with the Edmonton group
2003, Group Photo
2004, Tineka Van Geel
at the Armenian folk dance workshop in
Calgary. Left to Right Missy,
Cris, Tineka Van Geel, Roger, Joe
2004, Marvin's Eightieth Birthday party
New Years 2005, Back row, LtoR
Sam, Marvin, Cris, Russ, Larissa, Lita,
Mariann, Connie, Rose, Jackie, Joe, Don
Fnt row LtoR
Kathy,Roger, Kathy's son Eric
Missy, Brenda,
Ruth took the picture
Cecelia defying gravity!
Steam and Stomp 2005
Farewell party for Larissa
May 14, 2005
Rebecca leading Sestorka
September 3, 2005
Susan, Julie, Missy
Steam and Stomp 2006
Camp and Stamp 2006
October 22, 2011
Missy, Russ, Sharon, Roger, Don, Rose
ft row Connie, Jackie Z., Kathy, Ruth, Sam
July 26, 2014
Back Row: Jackie Z., Russ, Connie, Joe, Roger, Lauren, Max, Karen, Marianne, Rose.
Front row: Jackie V., Missy, Eva, Don.
December 19, 2015
Don, Eva, Max, Rose, Jon, Sam, Lili Anne (Ruth if you click on the picture) Russ, Connie.
April 1, 2017
From left to right: Marianne, Jon, Rose, Don, Jackie, Russ, Missy, Sam, Roger, Eva, Sharon, Max, Ruth, Lili Anne, Connie
Hagen took the picture.

April 6, 2019 Cecelia took the picture

April 6, 2019 Ruth took the picture