Kalispell International Folk Dancers

Steam and Stomp 2006

February 25 Boulder Hot Springs

Carla and Ronda
Sally checking her camera
Bill - Master of ceremonies

The following play lists are created from Sally's videotapes, in the approximate order they were danced. She didn't videotape much on Friday night.

Friday night:

Dance Country
  1. Djado Mitjovata
  2. Siriul
  3. Sopsko Horo
  4. Sirba din Slatina
Bulgaria (Roger and Ann)

Saturday afternoon:

Dance Counrty
  1. Turkish Bransle
  2. Be'er Bassadeh
  3. Opinca
  4. Turkish Bransle Be'er Bassadeh Opinca
  5. Siriul
  6. Nitzanim
  7. Rezijanka I
Mitch teaching
Mike teaching
Susan teaching
Roger teaching
Sally teaching
Mike teaching

Saturday evening party:

Julie, Cecelia
Susan, Julie, Roger
Sharon demonstrating Hula
  1. U Sest
  2. Miserlu
  3. Road to the Isles
  4. Rumelaj
  5. Be'er Bassadeh (third time)
  6. Hawaiian dance performance by Sharon H
  7. Ve David
  8. Mayim
  9. Patchtanz Yiliish weliing dance – Ruth teaching
  10. Arap
  11. Joc Batrinesc din Niculitel
  12. Ciuleandra
  13. Susan, Julie, Roger dancing something while band gets ready; don't recognize


Susan, Julie, Missy
  1. Croatian waltz that Cecelia brought the words and music for
  2. Sto Mi E Milo (lesnoto)
  3. Ajde Jano
  4. Erev Ba
  5. Zemer Atik
  6. Ma Na'avu
  7. Trindpolska
  8. a waltz, general
  9. Miserlu

Back to recorded music:

  1. Nitzanim (third time)
  2. Sweet Girl
  3. Sborinka
  4. Sepastia Bar
  5. Cobankat
  6. Lugovonjka
  7. Sheikhani Assyria
  8. Podrimsko Oro
  9. Mairi's Wedding
  10. Postie's Jig
  11. something Serbian or Macedonian? Bill leading
  12. Dayagim
  13. Godecki Cacak
  14. Floricica
  15. something Serbian when the cat came in. Bill, Richard, Cecelia, Missy. Similar music to Fatise Kolo.
  16. Jiana
  17. C^etvorka Roger and Veronica only
  18. Vossarull
  19. Kjustendilska?
  20. Birchot Havdalah
  21. Sirba din Cimpoi Roger and Veronica only
  22. Opsaj Diri – kind of!
  23. Alunelul de la Urzica
  24. La Vieille Bastringue
  25. Enleio
  26. something Israeli. Russ, Roger, Veronica, Susan, one of the Notess girls
  27. Rustemul
  28. Vulpiuta
  29. Kuma Echa
  30. Fatise Kolo (2 separate versions going on)
  31. Ripna Maca – kind of
  32. Nevrokopsko – partial, then dancers gave up
  33. Megdansko
  34. Dospatsko
  35. Schioapa
  36. Hora din Campie
  37. Stiga Mi Sa Momne Le
  38. Sandansko Oro
  39. Tino Mori
  40. Hasapikos of Plaka
  41. Pravo (from NAMA 1)
  42. Bavno Oro
  43. Orijent (this is where the Notesses all tried to leave to go to bed, but the music sucked them back in!)
  44. Garoon


  1. Maxwell's Rant (included teaching, but that won't be on my video)
  2. La Vieille Bastringue again
  3. Joc de Leagane
  4. Jove Malaj Mome
  5. Trite Puti Bulgaria – Mike teaching a generic version
  6. Nitzanim
  7. Enleio (this time with men clapping too)
  8. Harmonica
  9. Troika (mixer)
  10. Gaida (Aroman)
  11. Sitno Zensko Horo (?) - Eva, Roger, Bill, Cecelia
  12. Kuma Echa (Roger and Eva working on Sitno Zensko Horo)
  13. Sirba din Slatina (Russ, Roger, Missy, Susan)
  14. Lintunen
  15. Siebenschritt
  16. “Spring Sends Her Greeting” accordion Hambo
  17. Kujawiak Niebiesky (?)
  18. Vossarull?
  19. Ei Hatal
  20. Ma Na'avu
  21. Legnala Dana
  22. Gavotte d'Honneur
  23. La Noce des Oiseaux – France, Susan teaching
  24. (Accolades to Bill Bucher)

  25. Lesnoto Farewell Dance (NAMA Lesnoto Medley)

Dances not on my tapes but I remember doing them or seeing them:

  1. Doudlebska Polka
  2. Krakowiak on Friday night after the Neffs arrived
  3. Coskun Coruh
  4. Chicken Kolo

People Present:


  1. Bill
  2. Carla
  3. Cedron
  4. Julie
  5. Sarah
  6. Scott

  7. Missoula:

  8. Ann
  9. Evelyne
  10. Jenna
  11. Mike
  12. Sonia

  13. Butte:

  14. Eva
  15. Max

  16. Bozeman:

  17. Ardyce
  18. Cecelia
  19. Hallie
  20. Jim
  21. Jim's wife(?)
  22. Laura
  23. Mary
  24. Richard
  25. Susan
  26. visitor Sarah
  27. visitor Steven

  28. Kalispell/Whitefish/Col Falls/Polson/Eureka/Bigfork – Flathead!

  29. Connie
  30. Cris
  31. Don
  32. Jackie
  33. Joe
  34. Kathy
  35. Kathy's older son
  36. Kathy's younger son
  37. Lauren
  38. Lita
  39. Marvin
  40. Missy
  41. Rebecca
  42. Roger
  43. Ronda
  44. Rose
  45. Russ
  46. Ruth
  47. Sam
  48. Sharon
  49. Ted

  50. Outside Montana, OR I didn't know the town:

  51. another Connie
  52. Carlton and Sarah
  53. Mitch – Moscow, ID
  54. Noor
  55. Sally and Alan – Bartlesville, OK
  56. Veronica – Spokane, WA


Sally and Allan

Pictures courtesy of Allen Jenkins. Thank you Allen!

Pre Steam and Stomp gathering at Scott and Julie's house in Helena. No pictures of us dancing but a few of Piper on the mend:

Scott and Julie's dog Piper
Big hug for Piper

Adventures in getting to Steam and Stomp from Kalispell

Our trip to Steam and Stomp. We left Jackie’s house at 1:20pm Friday. I was riding in Russ’s Caravan and Jackie was riding shot gun. Missy was riding with Marvin in his Jimmy. I don’t remember now what all we talked about but you can imagine. At Sealy Lake Missy took the drivers seat in the Caravan, Russ shot gun and me in the back seat. Jackie went with Marvin. By the way, the reason we took two vehicles was Connie was going to go. Russ had the sound system in the back of his van, so it would have been a comfortable drive, four in the van and two in the Jimmy. Marvin had been leading, but at the turn to go on Hwy 200 -where the big steer is on the corner of the gas station- Missy took the lead and Marvin followed. Everything was going along just fine until we started to go up MacDonald’s Pass. Just past half way up the van started loosing power. From cruising at 75, within a minute the van was barely going 5 mph. It was a sunny day and dry roads. Russ got out and checked under the hood and did something. He revved the engine, and it sounded good. So he got back in and Missy started up the hill again just like nothing had gone wrong, for about 30 seconds. Same thing happened. Russ speculated it might be a vacuum problem involving the gas tank and the fuel system. This time Russ drove with the same results. We could see the summit about three quarters of a mile away; if only we could get it to the summit we could coast down! It seemed to be getting worse, after stopping a few minutes the van would go but not very far and not very fast. After this starting and stopping a few more times, Marvin pulled up along side the van (well off the Hwy on the shoulder) and we loaded the sound system into the back of the Jimmy and I got in with Marvin and Jackie. We followed Russ and Missy as they slowly got closer and closer to the summit. With the van having less weight Russ got it to go longer distances before it would stop. At last the summit and over the top we went. I figured out later on the way home he coasted (mostly coasted) and drove 23 miles, where he pulled it into a development off Hwy 12. Then Russ drove Marvin’s car, Jackie shotgun, Missy on Marvin’s lap in the seat behind the driver and me in the middle scrunched up next to a huge bag that had all my recording equipment and clothes.

We were on our way to Scott and Julie’s but we weren’t sure exactly what street they lived on. Each of us remembered a little something about were they lived. I remembered a video store was a landmark, Jackie thought the street name began with an “H” like Harrington or Harris. Most of us remembered their house wasn’t far from hwy 12. The group mind got us through and we found their house. Russ and Missy went with Scott –Julie was with a friend and would meet up with Scott at the restaurant. We followed Scott to the Chinese Restaurant; there we met up with Julie and friend. It was Michel Frey’s birthday and we all sang happy birthday to him. The trouble with the car began just before 5pm and we were at the restaurant about 7pm. We finally got to BHS at 9pm. Cecelia and her daughters and Bill and a few others had just gotten there, so it all worked out. We stuck together and helped each other and we all ended up dancing.