Kalispell International Folk Dancers

Camp and Stamp 2013

Howdy Dancers,

Kalispell International Folk Dancing moves to summer hours. We dance from 8 to 10 pm at the Salvation 
Army Community Center gym, 110 Bountiful Drive.

Thanks to everyone for making the 9th annual Stamp and Camp another great summer dance weekend. The heat 
was only moderate, and we re-visited many dances that we've done over the years but maybe not so much recently. 
Who would have thought we could dance Floracica in the Chicken House? Great fun! Max and Eva hosted a lovely potluck 
dinner Saturday, and Russ and Missy contributed the main entree along with the breakfast and venue Sunday morning and 
so much more. And Roger's update of our web site was a beautiful change. He's already posted dance lists 
and pictures! Check it out, if you haven't already.

Coming up:
July 12-14  Montana Folk Festival in Butte

Cecelia and the Butte folk dancers organize a Saturday morning international folk dance party in Butte in
conjunction with the annual festival. It takes place July 13, from 9 to 11:30 am, 
at St. John's Episcopal Church,15 N. Idaho St., Butte.  From I-90, go north on Montana Street (uphill). Turn
left on Broadway one block. It's a greystone church on the corner. 
Come early at 9 am, visit, dance and get a great parking space for the festival. (Avoid library parking with
time restrictions.)

Other events:
July 3-13 Idaho Summerfest International performers listed

August 2-3  Red Lodge Festival of Nations

September 21-22 Dancing in the Country at Weather Rock Barn. Shields Valley, Montana

group shot

Group shot, click on picture to view larger

What the heck was that dance they did?? Here are the play lists from Stamp and Camp 2013:

Saturday Afternoon 1 to 5 pm

Cobankat			Albania
Cocek (Djulijano Djulijano)	Balkin Rom
Cepelarsko Horo			Bulgaria
Damat				Turkey
Devojce, Devojce  		Macedonia
Kritiko Serviko			Greek
Verapceto (Verapcheto)		Bulgaria
Indinski (Pajov) Cocek		Macedonia Gypsy
Triti Puti			Bulgaria
Trind Polska			Finland
Alunelul			Romania
Siriul				Romania
Novo Zagorsko Horo		Bulgaria
Valle Pogonishte		Albania
Hora Femeilor			Romaina
Tino Mori			Macedonia
Sborinka			Bulgaria
Siriul				Romania
Dance Of Ikaria			Greek
Gerakina			Greek
Ada's Kujawiak #1		Poland
Debki  				Bedouin
Vulpiuta			Romania
Hora ca la Mahala		Romanian Gypsy
Tino Mori			Macedonia
Orijent                     	Serbia
Cetvorno Sopsko Horo		Bulgaria
Sopsko Horo			Bulgaria
Joc Batranesc de la Niculitel	Romania
Trip to Bavaria			Scotland
Barnreinlender			Austria
Nevesto Carven Trendafil	Bulgaria
Opinca				Romania
Bonny Cuckoo			England
Hore pe Seshe			Romaina
Lalica				Bulgaria
Ya da kalinushku lomala		Russia
Paidusko			Bulgaria
Le Laride			Brittany
Nevrokopsko Horo		Bulgaria
Hora veche (Muntenia)		Romania
Sharma Shiekh			Israel
Tankosava			Serbia
Baztan Dantza			Basque
Be'er Basadeh 			Israel
Narino				Turkey
Birchot Havdalah		Israel
T'Filati			Israel
Rezijanka			Slovenia
Hora Femeilor			Romaina
Assoulis			Armenia
Jove Malaj Mome			Bulgaria
Novo Zagorsko			Bulgaria
Sepastia Bar 			Armenia
Pravo				Macedonia
Dramskato (Dujni Mi Duini)	Bulgaria
Nama Lesnoto Medley		Macedonia

Break for dinner

Party time from about 8 to about 11:30

Djado mitjovata 		Bulgaria
Sitno Malisevsko		Bulgaria
Valle Nuseve Nga Korca 		Albania
Rustemul			Romania
Gori More			Macedonia 
Avant-Deux du Poitou		France
St Johns River			New Brunswick
Hora de la Rispiti		Romania
Duke of Perth			Scotland
Aghchka Jerazanke		Armenia

Julie leading Aghchka Jeraznke

Le Laride Brittany Ei Hatal Israel Eightsome Reel Scotland Chilili Bolivia Changerais-tu Brittany Cocek (Djulijano Djulijano) Balkin Rom Duke of Kent's Waltz England Hambo-8-slower Sweden Lepa Moja Milena / Drmacica Croatia Silistrenski Opas Bulgaria Paidusko Bulgaria Kulsko Horo Bulgaria Tompany Poland Dobrudzanska Pandela Bulgaria Arnautsko Horo Bulgaria, Pirin Le'or Chiyuchech Israel La Bastringue France Ya da kalinushku lomala Russia Zimushka Russia Mairi's Wedding Scotland Dance Above the Rainbow Ireland Ma Navu Israel *****End of the evening *****

Breakfast at Russ and Missy'

  1. Siriul
  2. Momino Horo - N.W. Vlach
  3. Sborinka (Max's)
  4. Sestorka
  5. Satovcensko Horo
  6. Gavotte d'Honneur
  7. Bavno Oro
  8. Debki
  9. Floricica Olteneasca
  10. Sitna Zborenka
  11. Paidusko
  12. Mori Odajo
  13. Ajde Jano
  14. Trite Pati
  15. Horehronsky Czardas
  16. Dvoino horo
  17. Belasicko Oro
  18. Lesnoto Makedonsko Devojce
Dancing on the wall

Dancing on the floor