Kalispell International Folk Dancers

From Moria:
Hello Everyone! Tomorrow is Steam & Stomp: The Online Version! I’m very excited that we’re still able to hold some kind of fun event in lieu of our group’s annual tradition. THANK YOU to Cecelia for being the main organizer of our Zoom Steam & Stomp, and thank you to all who sent in dance requests/teaching suggestions!
****Zoom info for tomorrow’s dance is new! Please see below

Here’s an overview of our dance list for tomorrow so far (besides the dances being taught by both Bill and Sally)

Warm up:

  1. Kak po Logu
  2. Tricot
  3. Karamfil
France, Brittany


  1. Sirba din Cimpoi
  2. Sabrali
  3. Kritiko Serviko
  4. Gajdine Svirjat
  5. Valle Pogonishte
  6. Issios
  7. Va Yven
  8. Corlu Aroman
Bulgaria, Rhodopes
Bulgaria, Rhodopes
Romania, Dobrogea

I am once again copying Cecelia’s email with tomorrow’s schedule and helpful Zoom tips:

Hello International Folk dancers! I hope that this finds you well.
After consultation with Bill Bucher, we're going with an online "mini" Steam & Stomp 2021. It will be an expanded session of the weekly Saturday Bozeman IFD zoom session.
MARCH 6, 2021 Saturday 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

What do I do to prepare?
If you have questions, please send it to Amanda.
Get out a costume to wear....it's the best way to shake the bugs out of it. (I also put mine in the freezer or outdoors in subzero temps for awhile.)
Local Organizers please send your list.

What's the Schedule?
6:40 Join the zoom meeting. You may have to wait a bit for Amanda to admit you to the meeting. The microphones will be open for people
to talk with each other - if you wish to do so you'll just need to unmute your microphone. This has been a fun part of the weekly sessions.
7 pm Time to mute your microphone so that familiar, warm up dances can be done more smoothly.
7:30-8 Bill is planning to teach a dance. There will likely be a demo, teaching, Q&A and review. You can use chat to write questions.
8-8:30 Request dances (sent in ahead), with a demo of the dance and a maybe that portion we all fudge will be highlighted.
8:30 to 9:00 Review what's been taught and maybe more pre-planned requests.
9-9:30 Open mics for visiting.
There will be breakout rooms available throughout the evening so people can visit in smaller side groups if desired, and those will continue until 9:30.

What's the cost?
Thanks to The Bozeman Folklore Society, this event is free. BFS has already purchased a zoom pro license for the year. Donations are welcome to defray their costs. During
the S&S event you can donate via Paypal or Venmo. You can also send a check to Bozeman Folklore Society at P.O. Box 31, Bozeman MT 58771-0031. Suggested amount is $15.00.

Here are some great Zoom tips for those newer to Zoom:

  1. Find a wide clear floor space for yourself. Consider moving items that could pose hazards, such as kitchen rugs or delicate vases.
  2. Consider placing a kitchen chair next to you: hold the back for balance or sit and practice the footwork alone. Try to do the armwork when you're able.
  3. Set up your screen where you can clearly see it from the middle of your dance floor - a shelf, table, or stool at around shoulder height works well. If you have a TV screen on the wall, you may be able to plug your computer into it via a HDMI cable. The bigger the screen, the easier it is to see the instructor. Double click on the box for the person you want to watch.
  4. Check the volume - your device, speakers, and Zoom may all have different controls.
  5. Zoom works much more quickly, smoothly, and with better viewing options if you install their application, but you can also view it in your browser window without having to make an account. You may want to shut off all other PC's during the session.
  6. It takes a few minutes for the video stream to open and load properly, so try to log on a few minutes early. Just like for live classes, early birds get a chance to stretch and chatter a bit before we start the music.
  7. Please mute your microphone unless you have something specific to say to the entire group. By default, Zoom tries to display the speaker, so background stomping can disrupt the video for other dancers. The audio will quickly become muddled even from background noise.
  8. Some presenters want you to register or at least contact them ahead of time so that they can admit you to the meeting. This is so they don't get zoom bombed.
  9. If you are having technical difficulties or have other questions, post them in the chat so someone can try to help you out. Or reply to this email now.

Zoom info for Steam & Stomp Dance is new! All the best, and please pop in and join us for a bit tomorrow, even if it’s just to smile and wave hello! Moria

Zoom Steam and Stomp, March 6, 2021

Cecelia taught: Karamfil, from Macedonia

Bill taught: Shirto, from Bulgaria

Sally re taught: the dance she taught last year at S&S20, Koritsa | PDF iconSyllabus

Moria taught Joc de Leagane, from Romania, Maramures

The dances we zoomed with each other:

  1. Karmfile
  2. Zemer Atik
  3. Chilili
  4. Bill taught: Shirto
  5. Sally re-taught: Koritsa | PDF iconSyllabus
  6. Sirba din Cimpoi
  7. Sabrali sa se Sabrali
  8. Kritiko Serviko
  9. Gajdina Svirjat
  10. Bill reviewed: Shirto
  11. Gajdina Svirjat, again
  12. Issios
  13. Corlu Aroman
  14. Joc de Leagane
Bulgaria, Rhodopes
Bulgaria, Rhodopes
Bulgaria, Rhodopes
Romania, Dobrogea
Romania, Maramures

Zoomers If I left anyone out, let me know!

  1. Amanda
  2. Moria
  3. Max
  4. Eva
  5. Roger
  6. Sharon
  7. Katyhleen, -in Albuqerque, NM
  8. Patty, -in Bend, OR ?
  9. Bill
  10. Sue
  11. Sally
  12. Susan, M - in Missoula
  13. Laura N
  14. Cecelia N
  15. Connie
  16. Issac
  17. Vic W
  18. Hallie R
  19. Carrie
  20. Mitchel
  21. Cindy
  22. Susan H