Kalispell International Folk Dancers


Ada's Kujawiak #1 -Poland Adjon Az Isten - Hungary Agir Halay -Turkey Ais Giorgis -Greek from Greece. Hands held down. Walking in line. Starting with R foot, walk 5 steps. Turn slightly touch L to R foot, then step L with L foot, touch R to L foot. Step R foot to center and touch L to R foot. Back out starting with the L foot, 5 steps. Touch R to L foot. Repeat dance until the music ends. This dance is about the children who found the dead Turk down by the St Gerogis River...La La La La La. Aino Kchume - Assyria |Sam S&S 03 Ajde Jano- Serbia Ajde Noga Za Nogama -Croatia Ajde Lepa Maro -Serbia Ajde Red (Lesnoto) -Macedonia Ajsino Oro - Albania | PDF Syllabus| Bill S&S 18 Ajsino Oro - Albania | Another group Alexandrovska -Russian couple dance Ali Pasha - Turkey | Karen Faust Alunelul - Romania | Line dance characterized by its pleasing syncopated stamps. Alunelul de la Godinesti (uh-loo-NAH-lool deh lah go-dee-NASHTE) Alunelul de la Urzica -Romania Amelia's Waltz -see Melissa's Waltz Amelia's Waltz was written around 1980 by by Bob McQuillen. He named the tune for Amelia Stiles, Deanna Stiles’ daughter. Amelia was born in a famous packing crate, which carried Lindbergh’s airplane back to the US from Europe. Amelia herself was named after Amelia Earhart. At the time we were all living in the New England woods, making money however we were able and playing music as much as we could. Lindbergh’s crate was beside the Blackwater River and Deanna lived there for years. The crate is now the center of The Lindbergh Crate Museum, in Canaan, Maine. An Dro -Brittany An Dro Retourne -Also called, "Changerais tu?" -Brittany Two parts. 1st Pinky hold, arms up, bent elbows, arm movement making small circles, moving two step-together-steps in, then out; moves left in circle. 2nd part has the claps An Irish Blessing - Germany |Bill S&S 20 Arap -Macedonia also called, Zajko Kokorajko line dance with characteristic lift steps, done to bag pipe music about the fox and an ill fated goose. Ardeleana din Campie (ar-deh-LEAH-nuh deen kem-PEEA)-Romania, Banat -couple dance | Vasilescu Romanian Workshop, 2003 Arkan - Ukraine Line, arms belt or basket hold, faceing "center," Start R to side, L behind R, R to side, L lift in front of R, L to side, R lift in front of L Repeat over and over, leader adds stomps and heal cliks just follow the leader Armenian Miserlou -Armenian community in USA Armenian Turn -Armenia Arnautsko Horo - Bulgaria, Pirin Arsul de la Calarasi (EHRSH-ool deh luh keh-leh-RUSH)-Romania, Oltenia | Vasilescu Romanian Workshop, 2003 Assoulis - Armenia Only at the very end of the video does the line move their arms, in a circle, at the end of the dance sequence, like Julie taught it to us, and she learned it from Tineke van Geel. At the Inn -Germany (couple, fast waltz) At Ve'ani -Israel At Va'ani: Perhaps the most popular slow and elegant Israeli circle dance, easily learned because of its symmetrical patterns. Avant-Deux du Poitou - France Avrameanca -Romania, Moldavia |Sam S&S 01 Ba Pardess - Israel |Sally S&S 17 Backovsko Horo -Trakia-Bulgaria Bac^kovsko Horo Baldazka -Bulgaria Bal de Jugon, Le -Brittany Balta Dreapta- Romania Bannielou Lambaol - France/Brittany Bar -Armenian community in USA Barnreinlender - Austria Barsgeren Yeghanag "Persian Melody" -Armenia Basara- Serbia Batrineasc - Romania Bavno Oro- Macedonia (The guy in the dance is lifting like a man would do in a Macedonian dance and the women would be more subtle, like they are doing. Also, we would do a shoulder hold until the music changes, then drop hands like they do.) Bavno Oro |Sally S&S 03 Baztan Dantza- Basque Be'er Basadeh -Israel Bee's of Maggie Knockater -Scotland Bekesi Paros -Hungarian couple dance Bela Rada -Serbia Bela Rada/Makazice -Serbia Belasičko Oro - Macedonia Belčova Tropanka - Bulgaria, Devnja | 2017 Lyrids Folk Dance Festival Bicak- Bulgaria, Pirin | With Yves Moreau Birchot Havdalah -Modern Israeli Here are Cris's notes in PDF Format. Biserka- Serbia Bitola Moj Roden Kraj (or just Bitola) -Macedonia (lesnoto) Black Nag, The- England Blue Bonnets - Scottish |Susan H S&S 17 Bona Habanoth -Yemenite Bonfire -Irish couple circle dance Bonny Cuckoo -England Bosarka -Serbia (the long easy one) Front basket hold, line. The parts do not phrase with the music. 1st part -r side l in front of r twice; rock on to r, rock back to l; 2nd part -propel r to center, bringing l to calf of r; back back (l,r) 123 (lrl); Repeat 2nd part. Repeat entire dance. Brasni Carvul -Bulgaria Brezovska Ruĉenitsa - Bulgaria, south central |Sally S&S 18 Bridge of Athlone -Irish Briul de la Fagaras -Romania Briul mare din Ramnicu Sarat (BREH-ool MUH-ra) -Romania, Muntenia Briul Pe Gheata -Romania | see Hora Pe Gheata Briul Pe Opt- Romania (we don't do this dance, I think Sam was the only one who knew it.) Brezovska Ruĉenitsa | PDF Syllabus | PDF Lyrics |Sally S&S 18 Bucimis (means hemlock) (boo-chee-MEESH) -Bulgaria, W. Thrace (Buc^imis^) Bufcansko -Macedonia (Bufc^ansko) Bugeacul ca pa Teleorman - Romania |Sally S&S 19 Bukite- Macedonia |Bill S&S 18 C'est une jeune mariee - French Canadian |Cecelia S&S 23 Cacak -Serbia (C^ac^ak) Cacak in five -Serbia Cacak, Godecki Cacak, Vranjanski -S. Serbia (VRAHN-yahn-ski CHAH-chahk) Cacak, Zaplanjski -E. Serbia (ZAH-plahnye-skee CHAH-chahk) Cadaneasca de la Macin -Romania, Dobrogea Cajun Waltz -USA Capkan Dimco -Macedonia (C^apkan Dimc^o) Cekurjankino Horo -Severnjasko, Bulgaria Ceresna -Macedonia (C^eres^na) Cepelarsko Horo -Bulgaria - Rhodopes Cepelarsko Horo, Pravo - Bulgaria, Rhodopes |Susan H S&S 16 Ceresnicky- Czech Carnivalito- South America | S&S 03 Cetvorka - Macedonia (C^etvorka) Cetvorno, Glavinisko -Bulgaria, Trakia (C^etvorno) Cetvorno, Old -Bulgaria Cetvorno Sopsko Horo -Bulgaria, Sopluk (C^etvorno S^opsko Horo) Cherevichky -Russia Cheyenne Waltz Chiotikos -Greek Childgrove -English country dance Chilili -Bolivia Ciceranella (Tarantella Neapolitana) -Italy Cieta Polka -Poland Ciganja - Romanian Gypsy PDF Syllabus Ciganski Orijent -Serbia Ciganko - Bulgarian Gypsy |Sally S&S 16 Ciganskoto-Djipaj - Bulgaria |Sally S&S 17 Cimpoi - Romania | Edwidge Munn Circassian Circle -Scottish Circle Schottische -Scandinavia Ciro -Croatia Ciuleandra -Romania Clopton Bridge - England Cobankat -Albania | Led by Lee Otterholt Cocek (Djulijano Djulijano) - Balkan Corlu Aroman - Romania, Dobrogea |Susan H. S&S 17 Coskun Coruh -Azerbaijan |taught UCLA cir 1980 Cotton Eyed Joe -American Cresena (see Ceresna) Croatian Love Song - Croatia |See: Ne Veruje Srce Pameti Cukanoto -Bulgaria (C^ukanoto) Cujes Mala (U Sest) -Yugoslavia Cumberland Square -England Here is a tutorial for the Bulgarian dance Dajcovo Horo, the basic dance step for Zizai Nane. Here are the seven calls and responses (phonetically): 1 CHOO-kye NAH-neh -stamp CHOO-kahm, CHOO-kahm 2 ZEE-zye NAH-neh -shake ZEE-zahm, ZEE-zahm 3 ZAHD ko-LEH-no -behind the knee ZDES&S-nah, no-GAH 4 PRED ko-LEH-no -over the knee ZDESS-nah, no-GAH 5 LYOOL-yie NAH-neh -swing around (CW circle on floor) LYOO-lyahm,LYOO-lyahm 6 CHET-ree skok-NEE -jump four times (scissors) ZDESS-nah, no-GAH 7 nah-PRET NAH-neh -forward nah-PRET, nah-PRET Here is the format: meas 1 (1 Dajchovo step) Leader: CHOO-kye NAH-neh! "Stamp, man!" meas 2 (1 Dajchovo step) Others: CHOO-kahm, CHOO-kahm "I'll stamp!" meas 3 (1 Dajchovo step) Leader: AH ta-KAH DEH! "Like this!" meas 4 (1 Dajchovo step) Others: AH se-GAH DEH! "Right now!" meas 5 all stamp 4 times. For each figure substitute the next one, like Zee-zye Nah-neh into measure 5. These notes are from the syllibi that came with the first Nama Orchestra LP album, notes by Dick Crum. Damat Halay -Turkey Dance Above the Rainbow - Ireland Dance from Plav -The town of Plav in Montenegro. Albanian music: "Ne e Kemi Drenicën" Sally didn't teach us to do what we do with this dance, but we’re having a lot of fun with it: Every time someone falls off the cliff, “YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH,” (in the recording.) the leader spins off and goes to the end of the line, and so on for each leader. Dance of Ikaria - Greek Danec- Bulgaria, Dobrudza | Calgary WS with Edwidge Munn 2002 Nov 8 - 10 Sequence of Danec (very very brief description): Fig 1 -Hand hold in back. LOD 16. Into center... Fig 2 -Into center "bloop bloop step" back out,turn. Fig 3- Moving left, Rt leg extended. Fig 4- Into center, hip, back out, hip; to side Fig 1 -3x; Fig 2 -2x; Fig 3 -1x; Fig 4 -1x; Fig 3 -1x; Fig 4 -1x Fig 1 -1x; Fig 2 -2x; Fig 3 -1x; Fig 1 -1x (14 counts, stamp RLR) Dansul Fetelor De La Crihalma -Romania Das Eisenkeilnest (a Zwiefacher) -Germany Dashing White Sergeant -Scotland Dayagim -Israeli couple dance De a lungul | Romanian Couple dance. Mike and Susan have taught and danced this over the years. Debka Kafrit -Israel Debki- Bedouin | Bozeman Group Dedo Mili Dedo - Macedonia | Dunavfolk Delcevsko Horo -Bulgaria (Delc^evsko) Derite Se Cizme Moje -Croatia Der Siebenschritt -Switzerland Devevichiya Kharovanaya- Russia | (Russian Circle) Devojce, Devojce -Macedonia Devojko Mari Hubava - Bulgaria, Rhodopes Dhondia Pikna -Epirus, Greece Dimitrija - Bulgaria, Pirin Djado Mitjovata - Bulgaria Djurdjevka Kolo-Serbia Dobra, Nevesto- Bulgaria | Susan H. S&S 17 Dobrudjanska Reka or Dobrudjanska Ruka - Bulgaria, Dobrudjanska Dobrudzanska Pandela - Bulgaria Dobrudžanska Râka-Bulgaria Dobrudzanski Buenek-Bulgaria | Surrey International Folk Dancing Retreat at Camp Alexandra in British Columbia, Canada Dodi Li -Israel | Russ - S&S 23 Dospostko Horo- Rhodopes, Bulgaria | Karen Faust Doudlebska Polka -Czechoslovakia Dvoino horo -Bulgaria, Southern Thrace S&S 2014 Dramskoto (Dujni mi, dujni) -Bulgaria Drjanovska Racenica #2 -Bulgaria, Severnjaško | From Princeton folkdance. | Susan H S&S 16 Drmes Medley - Macedonia (from Nama #1) Drmes iz Trebarjeva -Croatia (tray-bar-yevka) (Drmes^) Drmes iz Zdencine -Croatia (Zdenc^ine) Duda Nota -Hungary Duke of Kent's Waltz -English Duke of Perth -Scotland Duna - Bulgaria |Bill S&S 20 Dundai -Jewish American Dvasti Tristi - Bulgaria, Rhodopes (Dvas^ti Tris^ti) Dvoino horo -Bulgaria Taught by Susan H. S&S 15 Dzangurica Bulgaria, Pirin Ei Hatal (also spelled: Eh Hatal) -Israel Eightsome Reel - Scotland Enleio -Portugal Eretz Eretz - Israel Erev Ba (Evening Comes) -Israel Ersko Kolo -Serbia Fado Blanquita -Portugal Fatise Kolo -Yugoslavia (Fatis^e) Familjevalsen -Sweden,Denmark,Norway Female Saylor - England Fife Ness -Scotland Fjaskern (Hurry Skurry)-Sweden Floricica Olteanesca - Romania, Olteneasca - Mihai David Frei Polka -Austrian -From the record: Austria DA-578 (Bavarian Zweifach) Friday Night Mixer -French Canadian Gajdina Svirjat -Bulgaria, Rhodopes | Short video Susan H. S&S 14 Galaonul de la Birca -Romania Gankino -Bulgaria Gavotte d'Honneur -France/Brittany Garoon -Armenia Gued Man of Ballangigh, The- English |Mitchel S&S 17 Gerakina -Greek Gaida -Aroman Gie Gordons -Scottish (The word "gie" rhymes with "free"). Gjusevska Racenica - Just for fun Glava Li Ta Boli -Bulgaria | Sally S&S 14 Glavinisko Cetvorno - Bulgaria, Trakia (2 rhythms 2/4 and 7/16-qqs) (Glavinis^ko C^etvorno) Glencar Reel: Forward and back -twice Circle left then right (sevens and threes) Slide step across and back (sevens and threes) Reel of three Couple figure eight Arch Chain (right and left grand) Go Fatile Mome - Macedonia Gocino Kolo -Serbia Godečki Čačak -Bulgaria / Serbia David and Karen Faust Gorani -Armenia Gori More - Serbia Goukas -Turkey (done to music of Ooska Gookas) Guhneega -Armenia Haire Mamougheh - Armenia |Susan S&S 18 Haj Haj Boze Daj (hi hi bowja die) -Yugoslavia Hambo -Sweden Haroa Haktana -Israel Happy Birthday Polka -Marvin taught Harmanlijska Racenica -Bulgaria - Trakia (Rac^enica) Harmonica -Israel Classic Israeli circle dance, with leaps, claps,shoulder holds, and spirit. Hayamo -Turkey Hasapikos -Greek Hasapikos, Plaka -Greek Hashual -Israel Circle dance, "The Fox", a favorite of dancers and their children. Hassapiko -Greek Hatzisteryos (Dervenaghas) -East Macedonia, Vlachs From Calgary workshop with Edwidge Munn Nov 8-10, 2002 Hava Nagila -Israel -couple Heel and Toe Polka - Hej Par -Armenia Heya Heya -Modern Israeli (couple dance) | From September 25, 2004, Salvation Army Gym Heyamo -Turkey Hills of Connemara -Ireland (2 hand reel polka) Hine Ma Tov - Israel | S&S 03 Hole in the Wall - English country dance | Presented by the Germantown Country Dancers| Mitchel S&S 16 Hopak -Russia 8 figures: 1 Pas de bas 2 Touch extend pas de bas 3 Russian polka step 4 Individual turns 5 Lunge cuts (lunge cut, pas de bas) 6 Partner Buzz 7 Chugs (men out 16 counts, back) 8 Toe, heal, touch, extend. (rept op ft wk) Hora Cheffer - Israel | No video only syllabus | Michael S S&S 16 Hora Ciobanita - Romania Hora -Jewish Hora Aggadati -Israel Hora ca la Caval -Romania Hora ca la Mahala - Romania |PDF Syllabus | Sally S&S 18 Hora Ciobanita - Romania Hora de la Chircani (HOH-rah deh lah keer-KAHN) -From the village of Chircani in Basarabia -a new, free state just outside of Romania's Moldova region (NE corner) in what used to be the USSR. Hora de Mina -Romania Hora de la Rispiti - Romania Hora din Campie (HOHrah deen kem-PEEA) -Romania Hora Femeilor - Romaina Hora Habik'a (HOra Ha-BEE-kah) -Israel Hora Miresii -Romania Hora pe Gheata -Romania Hora and Sarba Ruginoasa (HOH-rah deh lah roo-dgee-NOAH-suh) Hora pe Gheata -Romania Hora veche -Romania, Muntenia | Eva S&S 14 Hora pe Sase - Romaina Horehronsky Csardas -Slovakia (hoh-reh HROHN-skee) Hulu - Israel | Bill S&S 20 Hurry Skurry (Fjaskern)-Sweden Hutulca de la Brodina (hoo-TZOOL-kah deh lah ABROH-dee-nah)- Romania, Bucovina Idam, ne Idam -Bulgaria, Pirin I Gerakina -Greek (see Gerakina) Inaduna -Turkey Indinski (Pajov) Cocek -Macedonian, Gypsy Innherredspols -Norway Issios - Israel (Pronounced: EES-yohs) |Susan H S&S 17 Iste Hendek -Turkey Itele (EE-tseh-leh) -Romania Iz Banju Ide -Serbia Ivanice (ee-vahn-EET-seh) -Macedonia Jack's Maggot -English Country Dance | Mitchell - S&S 23 Jacob's Ladder - Israel Also know as, Ssulam Ya'Akov or Shulam Yaakou Circle. Arms in V. Two parts, starts slow then speeds up. 1st part: make a box, ie -two side steps to R, walkinto center with L R, two side steps to L, back out with R L.) Jaws Cacak -Serbia (Cacak from Padez) Jeg Gikk Meg ot i Lunden Gronn -Norway | (YAHEE YEEK MAHEE OOT EE LOON-duhn GRUHN) | PDF Syllabus Frist presented by Alix Cordray at the 1992 Stockton Folk Dance Camp | Russ S&S 18 Jessie Polka Jiana -Transylvania, Romanian -Back basket hold, long introduction, begin with singing, R foot in center rock back and forth moving to the left. Happy, bouncy -this is a love song. Then two side steps to R. Rpt opp, two side steps to R, stomp R 4x, Grapevine: R in cross L, R out behind L, Rpt. Stomp L once, Buzz step: keep R in center push with L -look up and lean back...be happy. Joc Batranesc din Niculetel - Romania, Dobrogea Joc de Leagane -Romania, Maramures Johnny Groat's House -Scotland Jovano Jovanke- Macedonia Jove Male Mome -Bulgaria Juice of the Barley -English Jurelu - Romania |Susan H S&S 17 Kabadayi -Kirklareli region, Western Turkey Kadino Selsko - Macedonia PDF of 1993 Stockton Folk Dance, presented by Atanas Kolarovski. Susan H. learned this dance at that time. Susan presented it at Steam and Stomp 2015. You can download and open this PDF. You'll find Kadino Selsko on page 50. Kak po Logu -Russia | Russ S&S 20 Kalamatlanos (Samiotisa) Karagouna -Greek Karamfil -Macedonia Karapyet -Russia Karsi Bar -Armenia Kasapsko Horo - Macedonia Katia -Russia Katuse Mome -Macedonia (Katus^e Mome) Key To The Cellar - English country dance | Mitchel S&S 19 Ken Yovdu -Israel Kendime -Turkey -Pinky hold. Arms up in "W" position Ketri, Ketri -Gypsy -Romania Kisa Pada (Posavski Drmes) -Croatia Koga me mama rodila -Bulgaria, Trakia Kol Dodi -Israel Konjo Konjo - Bulgaria, West Rhodopes | Roger S&S 18 Kolo Zita - Croatia | From Steam and Stomp 2003 Kopacka -Macedonia Dimna Jada, Mamo (slow) Drvisko, Visko mome (fast) Koritsa - Albania | Sally S&S 20 Kor Csardas -Hungary | Russ, S&S 17 Korobushka -Russia Kortanc -Hungary Kosavsko Lesno Oro -Macedonia Koster C'Hoad (the C'Hoad sounds like "wad") -France/Brittany Kostursko Oro -Macedonia Kreutz Koenig (Kings Cross) -Germany Krici,Krici,Ticek -Croatia(kree-chee-kree-chee-tee-chek) Kritiko Serviko - Greek Kritiko Syrto (Haniotiko) -Crete -Dennis Boxell Kritikos Syrtos -Greek Kriva Krus^ka -Serbia -line -"v" hold 1. facing center side step rlrlrlr -7steps 2. pas de bas with r foot to l, pas de bas with l to r 3. leap leap (landing on l foot rais r of floor, then landing on r raise l. 4. like fig 2 but do 3 pas de bas. Repeat dance over and over. Kujawiak, Ada's #1 -Poland Kujawiak, Ada's #3 -Poland Kujawiak,Niebieski -Poland Kujawiak, Sleeping -Poland Kukuvic^ka -Trakia region of Bulgaria Kulsko -NW Bulgaria Kuma Echa -Israel Kyustendilska Racenica -Bulgaria | Bill S&S 17 La Bastringue -French Canadian La Vielle Bastringue -French Lakodalmi Tanc -Hungary Lalica -Bulgaria Lamb Skinnet -Scotland Laske Vanocni Kolo - Czech republic | Amanda S&S 23 Laz Bar -Armenia Le Bal de Jugon -France Le Laride - Brittany | S&S 18 Le'or Chiyuchech - Israel Lech Lamidbar -Israel Legnala Dana -Macedonia Lepa Moja Milena/Drmacica -Croatia Laske Vanocni Kolo - Czech republic |Amanda S&S 18 Lesnoto Oro -(fast) -Bulgaria Lesnoto Oro -(Kolo party/side 1#5) Lesnoto (Pravoto) -Macedonia Lesnoto (Pravoto) -Macedonia -Bob Leibman's Lesnoto -Bulgaria Lesnoto -Macedonia Lesnoto Medley, from Nama #2 -Macedonia 1 Oj Ti Pile 2 Žalna Majka 3 Bitola Moj Roden Kraj 4 Makedonsko Devojc^e Levi Jackson Rag -USA Little Man in a Fix -Denmark Ljavata - Bulgaria, Dobrudža Loosnee Shoghov -Armenia Louky -Czech Lugovonjka- Russia | means "duckling" Ma Na'avu - Israeli circle Arms start in W. Touch R toe front, & side (no weight on those two) R foot step back -take weight- bring left foot next to right step R foot forward and rock back and forth bring R foot back next to left raise up and down on your toes and rest. Repeat with opposite footwork. Yemenite step (fake R, cross R over L) cross L over R, step together step. Repeat from Yemenite 3 times Macedonka -Yugoslavia Maciek (Ma chee-eck) -Polish couple. Also called Mathew's Waltz Maia, D'r -France, Alsace Taught by Sally, S&S 2015 Mairi's Wedding -Scotland -Four couples in long ways formation. This is the one where the active, if seen from above, couple trace out a "4 leaf clover". To thoroughly confuse and confound beginners, while the active cpl dance a half reel of 4, with their 1st, then 2nd corners -the corners are changing places with each other. Don't worry, we've yet to see ANYONE get it right the first time! :) Makazice/Bela Rada -Serbia Makedonka -Macedonia Makedonsko Devojce -Macedonia Malhao -Portugal Mali Izvorski Opas -Dobrudža - Bulgaria Marklaender -Germany Maruntica de la Cajvana -Bucovina (meh-roon-TZEE-kuh deh lah kush-VUH-nuh) Mascatii -Romania | Eva S&S 16 Mayim! Mayim! (Water! Water!) -Israel -by Dvora Lapson Meitschi Putz Di -Swiss -couple dance Melissa's Waltz (music is Amelia's Waltz) Memede -Macedonia (MEH-meh-deh) Serbian? Mesho Gorani -Armenia Mi Go Zatvorille -Bozmanian (Russ's version) "Actually, I wrote that one in the chicken house last year. I like to refer to it as Bela 'Russ' or maybe Bela Rooster." -Russ Milanovo Kolo -Serbia Mindrele- Romania, Oltenia | S&S 01 Misirlou -Greek/American | S&S 03 Miserlou- USA/Greek |(actually choreographed in Pittsburg many decades ago.) Mitro Mitro -Bulgaria Brief review: Line dance, W hold (arms up), moves to the right. R hop L hop, walk- R L Rhop -turn to face center on that hop- then step in with L hop, (bring R to back of calf), step out with R hop. Grapevine: L hop, (R cross behind left), R hop, L hop Repeat above till end of music. Moj Dragane (MOJ drah-GAHN-eh) -My Sweetheart- -Lika, Croatia Moja Diridika -Croatia Momacka Setnja -Šumadija / Serbia (Momac^ka S^etnja) More Pile, Slavei Pile -Bulgaria, Pirin Mori Odajo -Macedonia Muffin Man Jig S&S 03 Music Makers -Scotland Nabrala - Medimurje, Croatia Narino -Turkey Narodno Oro -Macedonia Natalijino Kolo -Serbia Ne Veruje Srce Pameti - Croatia See:Croatian Love Song Nebesko -Croatia -Dennis Boxell Nebesko Kolo -Croatia Neda Voda Nalivala -Bulgaria (5 figure)(NEH-dah voh-DAH nah-LEE-vah-lah) line -ccw -"w"arm hold -start with tambura 1. Begin grapevine step r foot to r, cross l in front of r foot; step r to r, step behind r with l foot; step r foot to r -take weight and lift your left foot off the floor about 6" lifting whole leg by the hips and rotate leg in a small ccw arc, (briefly brushing toe to floor at start of arc) before steping on floor; (l knee is slightly bent). Repeat figure 1 with opposite foot work and direction. Then repeat Fig 1. 2. From last figure your r leg is up -facing toward center, instead of steping on floor, rise on ball of left foot at the same time bring r foot to l shin and set down on left heel -looks like a dip; walk to center of circle with r,l,r,lr -sssqq- the lr is left takeing weight momentarily then rocking back to r that is behind and to the side. Rev. op ftwk /repeat fig 2. 3. quick side steps ending with stomp -no weight 4. hop 5. hop Ne Klepeci Nanulama - Bosnia | Sally S&S 16 Ne e Kemi Drenicën (Dance from Plav) - Montenegro Ne Veruje Srce Pameti - Croatia (Croatian Love Song) Nevrokopsko Horo -Bulgaria Nevesto Carven Trendafil - Bulgaria, Pirin Newcastle -English country dance Niebieski Kujawiak -Poland (also called Blue Kujawiak) Nino -a man's name -Armenia Novo Zagorsko -Bulgaria -(16 count intro) Nu voi dado -Aroman (Romania) Od Lo Ahavti Dai (ah-have-ti)-Israel Oi na hori stoit khata - Ukraine |Eva S&S 23 | Translates to: "On a hill, there stands a house" Sung by Lvivski Muzyky Oi Lenche Lenche -Bulgaria |Bill S&S 23 Oj Cvetjot Kalina Olahos -South Hungary - Lower Tisza region | From Steam and Stomp 2001 Ooska Gookas - Turkey Opinca - Romania |Susan H S&S 06 Opsa Diri -Croatia Ordu - Turkey Ordu’nun Işiklari means “the lights of Ordu”. Ordu (also known as Vona) Sung by İsmail Türüt Two-part Pontic dance from the city of Ordu in Northern Anatolia, on the Black Sea Sections are called by music (1st part vocal, 2nd part instrumental) Dance introduced to the US by Ahmet Lüleci in 2008. Oroto Pochna -Macedonia | Bill S&S 19 Orijent -Serbia Oseh Shaloam -Israel Paduretul -Romania Pajdusko - Bulgaria (10 step) | S&S 01 Pajdusko - Bulgaria (4,3,2,1) | S&S 01 Pajdusko- (**See Jambolsko Pajdusko**) -Macedonia Panagjursko Horo -Bulgaria Parisipar -Norway (Parisian Polka) Pata Pata -South Africa Pe Batute (PAY BAH-too-teha) -Romania Pembe Oro -Macedonia (PEM-bay oro) Pe Picior din Tinca -Romania, Transilvania Pentozali -Greek, Island of Crete - Per Spellman -Norway Petronella -Scotland Petrunino -Bulgaria, S^opluk (Peh-TROO-nee-noh Ho-ROH) Picking Up Sticks -English Pidhichtos Banas (PEE-deek-tos BAH-nas) -North Thrace Pinosavka -Serbia Plaka Hasapikos -Greek Ples^kavac (PLESH-kah-vahts) -Serbia Pletyonka -Russia Podrimsko oro - Kosovo | Separate parts & lines for M and W Polka, Frei -Austrian Polka ("Are You Mine Polka") Polka ("Stand beside Me") Polka Dot -Scotland Polska (The polska is multinational with slight variation in terms, like polsk or pols. It can be attributed to Fins, Swedes, Danes, Polish, and Norwegians) Pomaško Širto -Bulgaria |Sally S&S 03 Popovicanka -Serbia (Popovic^anka) Posavski Drmes -Croatia Poskok -Serbia (pause-kok)(also called Aj Povedi Veselo)(slow ver.) -1st fig. -3 hss to right; kick l, kick r, kick l; one hss to left, weight on l, stamp r; repeat. 2nd fig -r hop l hop, rlr (in lod), backing up repeat, Postie's Jig -Scotland, 4x32 jig Potam Povam -Serbia Powolniak -Poland Pravo -Bulgaria Pravo Cepelarsko Horo - Bulgaria, Rhodopes |Susan H S&S 16 Prekid Kolo -Serbia Preplet -Serbia Primavera en Salonico - Sephardic, from Greece |Sally S&S 20 Promoroaca (proh-moh-ROH-kah) -Romania Purtata de Femei II (Poor-TUH deh fah-MAEE) -Romania, Transilvania Purtata din Vistea -Romania, Transilvania (poor-TUH-tuh deen VEESH-teah) Raca -East Serbia Raspukala Sar Planina - Macedonia |Bill S&S 20 Ratukas (Raa-too-kas) -Lithuania Ravno Oro -Macedonia Ratarsko Kolo -Serbia Reinlender Med Turar - Norway |Amanda S&S 20 Repasseado - Basque |Sally S&S 17 Rezijanka - Slovenia Ridee -see Bannielou Lambaol Ripna Maca -Bulgaria (REEP-na MA-saw) "the cat strikes" Road to the Isles -Scotland Robin Ddiog [Ddiog sounds like thee-ogg] (Idle Robin or Lazy Robin)From Wales, line dance. Arms down, moving to the right, (the way we do it) quick walk 7 steps, the 7th step slightly into center, in 4 steps walk clockwise around the imaginary nest on the floor, then stomp out a beat with your feet -yah forget it if I can describe that briefly!- then take weight on R swing L infront of R, Rpt opp, Rpt those (total of 4 swings) then stomp out the beat as mentioned. Romska Gajda -Romanian(Gypsy)/Macedonia Romski Cacak -From Serbian community in Bronx, N.Y. Rondeau de Garein -France Rorospols -Norway Row Well, Ye Mariners - English Country Dance | Mitchell S&S 20 Rum Dum Dum - Serbia Rumelaj -Romanian Gypsy Rumunsko Kolo -Serbia Rusi Kosi - Bulgaria | S&S 14 Rustemul -Romania Rustemul la Trei (roo-STA-mool luh trae) -Romania, Oltenia Sabrali sa se Sabrali -Rhodopes, Bulgaria Sadi Moma - Bulgaria, Pirin Sadilo Mome -Macedonia Saint Bernards Waltz -England Saint Margaret's Hill -England Salty Dog Rag -USA Sandansko Horo -Pirin, Bulgaria Sapri Tama -Israel Sarajevka Kolo -Serbia Sarano -Serbia -front basket hold. 1. kind of running 123 rlr -in ccw lod- on the 2nd r pause and change direction. repeat 2 more times. 2. in place lrl, rlr, lrl, rlr 3. leaps -r takes weight l lifts with bent knee near r calf. (done quickly) so its 6 leaps -alternating r,l ends with your r crosses infront of l -hold- Repeat dance from fig one then use alt. 3 is with feet together, both heels move to r then both heals move to l -6 times ending with a slight hop, landing on both heels, feet together, toes off floor. Sarba and Hora Ruginoasa (SEHR-bah deh lah roo-dgee-NOAH-suh) Satovcensko Horo (Sah-tohf-CHEN-skoh Hoh-ROH) -Pirin, Bulgaria (Satovc^ensko Horo) Savila se Bela Loza -Serbia Sborinka -Bulgaria Schioapa - Romania | (skoh-WAH-pah) Means Limping | S&S 01 Sej Sej Bob - Bulgaria, Dobrudza Sedi Donka - Bulgaria, Dobrudza | This version is very close to what we have always done. By Dunav Seljanc^ica -Croatia Senftenberger -Germany Sepastia Bar -Armenia Sestorka -Serbia (S^estorka) Sestorka Bela Palanka -Serbia Seta (SHAY-tah) -Serbia (S^eta) Setnja -Serbia (S^etnja) Sestinski Drmes -Croatia -Russ taught -somewhat like Trind Polska (S^es^tinski) Setnja -Serbia -Line dance. The dance moves to the R. The rhythem is slow, slow, quick, quick, quick. (SSQQQ) Each beat matches a step: Walk RLRLR. Piviot on R to back up LR (SS), then forward LRL(QQQ). On the last L you are headed to begin the dance again. The hand hold is formal or escort ie L hand is on hip, person behind holds onto inside of elbow with R hand, their L hand on hip...etc. When music speeds up drop to "V" hand hold; the first two steps (QQ) walk turns into two skips, the (QQQ) is a quick RLR; but the patern is the same. Seven Jumps -Denmark | Fun for little kids Sharma Sheikh -Israel | Karen Faust leading. We use different music Sar Planina -Macedonia (Shar PLAH-nee-nah) (S^ar Planina) Sheikhani -Assyria | Moria S&S 20 Shibboleth Basadeh -Israel Shiftin' Bobbins -Scotland Shrewsbury Lasses -England | From YouTube Michel S&S 14 Siamsa Beirte -Ireland Siksara -Turkey Sila Kale Bal -Serbian Gypsy Silistrenska Tropanka -Bulgaria, Dobrudža Silistrenski Opas - Bulgaria Sirba din Cimpoi - Romania |Roger S&S 20 Sirba din Slatina - Romania | S&S 01 Sirba pe Loc - Romania Sirba pe Hop -American/Romanian Sirbianka -see Srbijanka Siriul -Romania Sitna Zborenka -Bulgaria Sitno Malisevsko -Pirin region, Bulgaria (Sitno Malis^evsko) Sitno Zensko Horo -Bulgaria travel -hop r, hop l, rlr, lrl; repeat 3 more times; fig 1 -weight on l, touch r: heel toe heel; bkward hop l hop r; repeat fig 1 op ftwk; fwd r l; prepat fig 1 again. fig 2 faceing center move to left, r over l -moving to side -4 times. revers and repeat fig 2 op ftwk. Repeat fig 2 again. fig 3 fwd rlr, lrl; kick r, bwk rlr togeter. repeat begin dance again from travel step. Skudrinka - Macedonia | Michael S leading | S&S 17 and S&S 14 Skudrinka ("Od Granka V Granka") Slavej me peje (lesnoto) -Macedonia Slavonsko Kolo -Croatia Snurrbocken -Sweden Søderlender - Norway |Amanda S&S 19 Somogyi Karikazo -Hungary Sopsko Horo -Bulgaria see: Shopsko Oro Sopsko za pojas -Sopluk, Bulgaria Spanish Circle Waltz - Srbijanka -Serbia. Hands held down at sides. Walking in line. Starting with R foot, walk 2 steps. Turn slightly, (like above) touch L to R foot, then step L with L foot, touch R to L foot. Continue this way until you hear the change in the music, then you reverse and using the same steps travel in the opposite direction. The leader spirals the line into the center of the circle, or out. St. Bernards Waltz -England St. George of Skyros -Greek St Johns River - New Brunswick St. Margaret's Hill -England Stani Sterko -Bulgaria, Pirin Stara Vlainja -East Serbia (Vlach?) Staro Bansko Horo -Bulgaria - Pirin Staro Pomasko -Rhodopes - Bulgaria (Staro Pomaško) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPcWpM6HAGw with Yves Moreau Stiga mi sa momne le- Bulgaria, Rhodopes Sto Mi E Milo -Macedonia Strumicka Petorka - Macedonia |Sally leading S&S 20 and Susan H leading Strumicka Petorka at S&S 17 Strumicka Petorka(stru-MICH-ka pe-TOR-ka) - Macedonia | Another group Sukac^ko Kolo -Croatia -Circle (same music as Sukac^ica) Sukac^ica -Croatia -Couple dance (same music as Sukac^ko) Svekrvino Oro -Macedonia Sweet Girl Armenian semi circle dance with patterns similar to"the Stroll", done either to the original Armenian music, or to the Beatles With a Little Help from Our Friends. Pinky hold. Arms up, W position. Traveling in line, starting with R foot, step one step -leave your L at home, do a quick rock R L R. Step with your L foot continuing to travel in line and do the same rock step L R L. Continues on with the arms swinging down and back up as your body turns to face out as you R foot steps behind you clap once. Swineherds Dance (a Ugros) -"For a Birthday" -Hungary Sylivrianos Syrtos -Greek Syrto -Greek Ta'am Haman -Israeli couple dance done in a circle. Ta Dakria -Greek Tamzara -Armenia (Tineke's) Tankosava - Serbia Takanata () Tâkanata -Northeast Bulgaria | Yves Moreau Workshop, Calgary, April 4 and 5, 2009 Tarentella, Neapolitan -Italy Tarina de la Abrud -Romania T'Astrin Ki Tou Fengaraki -Greece/Macedonia (means "The Stars and the Little Moon) T'filati -Israel Tavilina -Greek Teen - Armenian-Kurdish Tervelska Raka - Bulgaria, Dobrudža Tervelska Tropanka -Bulgaria, Dobrudža Tintaroiul -Suceava, Moldavia, Romania (tsin-tsuh-ROY-ool) Tino Mori -Macedonia Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim -Turkey Tocul -Romania Tokyo Polka Sally S&S 2014 Tompany - Poland Toting -Denmark Tou Paradeisou Lemonia -Greek | S&S 18 Trakijska Racenca -Bulgaria, Trakia (Trakijska Rac^enca) Trava Trava Trava -Greek (Also called Trava Trava) Trei Pazeste Batrinesc -Oltenia, Romania Trei Pazeste De La Bistret - Oltenia, Romania S&S 01 Trenchmore Mitchel taught S&S 15 (Not our group) | Notes Tri Godini Kate - Macedonia Trind Polska -Finland Trip to Bavaria -Scotland Tresenica - Serbia |Ann S&S 18 Trite Puti -Bulgaria From September 25, 2004, Salvation Army Gym Triti Puti, Jambolski Bulgaria, Trakia Troika -Russia Trommelvalsen Denmark Tropanka -Bulgaria (Holt's) Tropca de la Tulcea -Romania, Dobrogea Trugnala Rumjana -Bulgaria -Arms up, W position (bent at elbow) A slow grapevine, walk in line, R L. Step to the side with the R, turning to face "center," step behind your R foot with your L foot. Step to the side with your R foot and lift your L foot bending at the knee. (like a string was pulling at your knee, below your knee is relaxed) Foot parallel to the floor. Put your L foot back down, spaced about your shoulder width. Lift your R foot as previously described. That's the dance. Repeat over and over. A very relaxing dance. Tsamika Tria - Greece Tsamikos -Greek Two Hand Reel -Ireland Tzadik Katamar -Israel Tzena Tzena -Israel U Sest -Serbia (S^est) U Sest Koraka -Serbia Ugros -Hungary Usge Gukas - See OoskaGooska Vallja "Hajde Merre Furken" - Albania - Sally taught S&S 15 (Not our group) Valle Pogonishte - Albania Valle E Dardhes -Albania Valle E Permetit -Albania (Not our group) Valle Nuseve Nga Korca (music is Populli Jon) -Albania Varsouvian -Sweden Varsouvianna -USA Ve David -Israel Vidinsko Horo - Vlach, NW Bulgaria Vlasko -Vlach, NW Bulgaria (long version) Vlasko III -N W Bulgaria -Severnjashko region (Vlas^ko) Vlasko Ze Pojas -East Serbia Vodarki Oro - Macedonia Vodeno Horo -Bulgaria, Thrace | short video Susan H S&S 14 Vossarull -Norway Vranjanka -Serbia (also called Sano Duso) (S^ano Dus^o) Vranjsko Kolo -Serbia Vrapceto or Vrapcheto - Bulgaria -Presented by Marcus Moskoff (vrrahp-che-toe) (Vrapc^eto) Vrni se, Vrni -Macedonia Vulpiuta(sounds like - Vool-pewTS-ah) -Oltenia,Romania (Not our group -from The Vintage Theatre, Winston-Salem, NC) Waltz Waltz -"New Blue Skirt Waltz" Waves of Tory -Irish Well Hall -English Western Polka -Polish American Ya da kalinushku lomala - Russia Yankinata -Bulgaria Yolanda -Colombian Yuvarladum - Pontos | Sally S&S 19 Zaes^kata - Trakia - Bulgaria Zagorisios - Greek | S&S 18, Mike leading. So many Zagorisios - here are two more: Zagorissios - Epiro and this one: Zagorisios - Konstantakis is a great performance, and shows a huge variety of what the leader and the line can do. | PDF Syllabus Zajko Kokorajko -Macedonia -see Arap Zalna Majka ("Grieving Mother") -Macedonia (Žalna Majka) Zartounk "to wake up" -Armenia Zemer Atik /Nigun Atik (Ancient Melody) -Israel -R. Sturman; 1962 pizza server hand hold, walking four steps (starting with your R foot) clap two times - about head height- to the outside of the circle, then once to the inside. Zensko Za Raka -Macedonia Zillertaler Laendler -Austria Zimushka - Russia Zorba - Greek ZorbaIra Weisburd's Line Dance version Zwei Kappellan (Zwiefacher) Zwiefacher -Germany Leut Leut