Kalispell International Folk Dancers


Dick Crum was known for interjecting humor into his dance instruction.

The following is attributed to Dick's quick wit:

Our group has no Intermediate or Hotshot dancers, but we know many advanced and intermediate dances!

We teach beginning dances from 7 to 8 PM. From 8 to 10 is request dancing. Usually the intermediate dances are taught during this time. If the steps are confusing or fast, just get behind the line or circle and try to follow along. You are welcome to join a line, but do so near the end. Follow the leader; they know the dance best, try to duplicate what they are doing. Not everyone will be doing the exact same thing because they are still learning the dance, and if you really like a dance ask to have it taught. If there is enough interest, then we will go over it right then.

Wear comfortable clothing and non-sticky shoes.


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