Kalispell International Folk Dancers

Zoom Steam and Stomp 2022

Hello, all!

Moria and Amanda hosted a very minimal version of the annual Steam and Stomp from 6 to 8 pm, Saturday, February 26th. "Not enough time to exhaust ourselves with living room dancing, but enough to have a teacher or two give us a few new dances, and then some time for party dances. Anyone have suggestions for the play-list or dances to teach?"

Sally taught Manastir, a Turkish dance taught by Ahmet Luleci early in the pandemic. It's in 2/4 and should be basic/easy enough that even if someone is out of sync (sound/video) we should all be able to do it.

Susan H. taught Otezavac which is a short, easy dance taught by Zeljko at the Stockton winter weekend. Beautiful music. Also doesn’t need space.

The Zoomers:

  1. Sally
  2. Allen
  3. Eva
  4. Max
  5. Molly
  6. Amanda
  7. Moria
  8. Bill
  9. Sue
  10. Alexia C
  11. Mitchell F
  12. Patty
  13. Connie
  14. Cecelia
  15. Rose
  16. Russ
  17. Susan H
  18. Parvati S
  19. Roger

Until next time,