From: Larissa

Subject: July 17, 2004 dances
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 15:52:38 -0600

Hello to everyone--

Dances from July 17, 2004 at the Salvation Army gym from 7-10 pm.

It was hot! Nobody really had much energy to put into dancing,
and even when we got started, several of us were quite brain-dead--it
made for an interesting evening.

1 Ratarsko Kolo--Serbia
This one is similar to an Usest (it may even be one, I'm not totally
clear on that point). Russ was trying to figure it out before the
evening started.
2 Erev Ba 1 & 2--Israel
Another one that Russ taught
3 Jacob's Ladder--Israel
4 Nabrala--Croatia
5 Sabrali sa se Sabrali--Bulgaria
6 Trite Puti--Bulgaria
7 Newcastle--English
We did this one twice, trying to figure out exactly what we were doing
8 Yolanda--Latin America
9 Karagouna--Greek
Ratarsko Kolo--Serbia
Russ taught this one now
10 Sirba pe Hop--Romania/USA
11 Trind Polska--Finland
Cris taught this
12 Zemer Atik--Israel
13 Moja Diridika
14 Ta Vilina
Russ taught this one also. It was choreographed by someone in Bozeman
15 Lalica--Macedonia
16 Cumberland Square--England?
Another one that Russ taught
17 Usest--Serbia
18 Rumelaj--Romanian Gypsy
19 Black Nag--England
20 Novo Zagorsko--Bulgaria
21 Nu Voi Dado--Aromanian
Larissa walked through this one
22 Birchot Havdalah--Israel
23 Alunelul--Romania
24 Alunelul de la Urzica--Romania
25 Alunelul de a Godenesti--Romania
It's interesting that the three different Aluneluls each have a
different hand hold
26 Zwei Kappellen--a Zweifacher
27 Tropca de la Tulcea--Romania
28 Mi Go Zatorville--Macedonia

1 Charla--stopped in for a couple of dances, may come again
2 Cris
3 Jackie Z.
4 Larissa
5 Lauren
6 Marvin
7 Missy
8 Rosalyn
9 Russ

Anyway, that's it for the night. Hope to see you next week!