From: Larissa
Subject: July 24 dances
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 15:17:08 -0600

Hello again--

Dances from July 24, 2004 at the Salvation Army Gym from 7-10 pm

1 Maciek (Matthew's Waltz)--Poland
2 Vossarul--Norway
3 Hambo--Sweden
4 Harmonica--Israel
5 Polka Cieta--Poland
Russ taught this one.
6 Hineh Mah Tov--Israel
the two-part version, Russ led this one also.
7 Picking Up Sticks--England
8 At Ve'Ani--Israel
Russ taught this one again.
9 Ratarsko Kolo--Serbia
the third step on this one is different than we did it last week.
There's no mirror image in the third step.
10 Andro Retourne--Britany
11 Syrtos (Kalamatianos)--Greece
12 Ajde Jano--Serbia
13 Pant Corlan Yr Wyn (means "The Lamb's Fold")--Welsh
14 Makedonsko Devojce--Macedonia
15 Newcastle--England
did this one twice. It's getting better!
16 Karagouna--Greek
17 Dayagim--Israel
18 Jiana--Romania
19 Hopak--Russia
this is another couple dance Russ pulled up. We did the abbreviated
version this week
20 Mayim--Israel
21 Dedo Mili Dedo
22 Cimpoi--Romania
did Cimpoi again. We still didn't get it right. Maybe next week...
23 Cumberland Square--England
the pattern on this one is: back to back
circle/promenade back
24 Haroa Haktanah--Israel
25 Hills of Connemara (Polka/Two Hand Reel)--Ireland
26 Kujawiak Niebeski--Poland
Russ demoed this one. A woman's dance, done individually, with some
heel clicks in there just for fun.
27 Birchot Havdalah--Israel
28 Ta Vilina--Greek/USA
29 Mah Na'avu--Israel
Rosalyn brought a candle that we lit for the last two dances. We
dimmed the lights and danced around the candle. It was really pretty.

1 Connie
2 Cris
3 Georgia
4 Jackie
5 Joe
6 Jon
7 Larissa
8 Rosalyn
9 Russ

See you next week!