Rosalind, Linda, Allison, Laurie, Cris, Ardyce, Larissa, Lita
Margaret, Marilyn, Missy, Barbara, Cissy, Connie, Russ, Don &
Rose, Jackie Z., John & Diana, Jon, Max & Eva, Hank & Mardia,
Sally & Alan, Sam & Ruth, Sarah, Sue, Jackie V., Christie,
Lauren, Richard & Susan, Cecelia, Tim, Brenda, Joe,
Ed & Deanna, Michael & Susan, Sally D., Debbie F., Julie T.

Dances from September 4, 2004 at the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM.
(close to the order we did them in)

1 Trugnala Rumjana -Bulgaria
2 S^eta (SHAY-tah) -Serbia
3 Arap -Macedonia
4 Alunelul -Romania
5 Djurdjevka Kolo-Serbia[
6 Agir Halay -Turkey
7 Prekid Kolo -Serbia
8 Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim -Turkey -Russ taught
9 Skudrinka -Macedonia
10 Yankinata -Bulgaria
11 Maciek (Ma chee-eck) -Polish couple dance
12 Heya Heya -Israeli Couple dance -Cris taught **(see the syllabus
at the end of this e-mail)**
13 Trite Puti (AMAN 3) -Bulgaria
14 Hopak -Russia 8 figures:
1 Pas de bas
2 Touch extend pas de bas
3 Russian polka step
4 Individual turns
5 Lunge cuts (lunge cut, pas de bas)
6 Partner Buzz
7 Chugs (men out 16 counts, back)
8 Toe, heal, touch, extend. (rept op ft wk)
15 Pidhichtos Banas (PEE-deek-tos BAH-nas) -North Thrace
16 Oseh Shaloam -Israel
17 Ceresnicky -Czech
18 Fatise Kolo -Yugoslavia
Skudrinka -Macedonia
19 Ratarsko Kolo--Serbia
20 Frei Polka -Austrian -From the record:
Austria DA-578 (Bavarian Zweifach)
21 Vlasko -Vlach, NW Bulgaria (long version)
22 Hashual -Israeli circle dance, "The Fox", a favorite of dancers
and their children.
23 Ripna Maca (REEP-na MA-saw) -Bulgaria
24 Two Hand Reel -Ireland
25 Vrapc^eto (vrrahp-che-toe) -Bulgaria
26 Zillertaler Laendler -Austria
Heya Heya -Israel
27 Lesnoto -Macedonia


1 Connie
2 Cris
3 Jackie Z
4 Larissa
5 Lauren
6 Lita
7 Marvin
8 Missy
9 Roger
10 Russ

Saturday* International Folk Dance, September 11, 2004 at the
Salvation Army Gym, 7 to 10pm.
The 1st Contra Dance of the season will be at the Sons of Norway.
September 17, 2004, then the 2nd Friday of each month thereafter.
The Sons of Norway's address is 347 1st Ave E.
(corner of 1st Ave. E and 4th St. E.) Kalispell, the NE corner,
across the street from the fire department. The dance is from 8:00
to 11pm, with the beginners' workshop starting at 7:30pm.
Music by, Cup of Tea and the caller will be Bev Young -Missoula.
From Joe:
The first Contra Dance is Sept. 17th. Christina had the idea for
a welcome back Potluck. She asked me to get in touch with all the
IFF people and other dancers I might know.
****The POTLUCK will precede the contra dance, in the Sons of Norway
basement. Please bring a dish to share. 6pm, Friday, Sept. 17th.
Armenian workshop with Tineke (sounds like Teen-eh-keh) van Geel,
Calgary, November 13 & 14 2004. We will leave Friday afternoon
November 12 to be in Calgary by 7:30pm. At this point the cost
of the work shop will be 50 dollars Canadian funds.
For other dance information from Bozeman and Butte check out our web
site: http://www.montanafolkdance.org
Any suggestions, comments, corrections, you have are welcome!

Till next time