From: Larissa
Subject: Dances of November 13, 2004
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 

Cris, Joe, Missy and Roger in Calgary learning Armenian dances.  Here are the Dances from November 13, 2004 at the
Salvation Army Gym:

1 Setnja--Serbia
    Jon taught
2 Mah Na'avu--Israel
    Jon taught
3 Jacob's Ladder--Israel    
    Larissa taught
4 Miserlou--Greece
    Jon taught
5 Hora pe Gheata--Romania
    Larissa taught
6 Makazice/Bela Rada--Serbia
    Jon taught Makazice; Jon and Marvin danced Bela Rada
7 Milanovo Kolo--Serbia
    Jon taught
8 Seta--Serbia
    Jackie led
9 Biserka--Serbia
    Jackie led
10 Zemer Atik--Israel
    Jackie led
11 Iz Banu Ide--Serbia
    we all started wherever we were; by the time we were done Rose was leading it then we repeated all the dances we'd
	done up to this point
12 Heya Heya--Israel
    Larissa taught
13 Dedo Mile Dedo--Macedonia
    Jon led 
14 Satovcensko Horo--Bulgaria
    Don led
15 Jove Male Mome--Bulgaria
    Jon led
16 Sweet Girl--Armenia
    this one ended up as a line of four people, with Jackie on the tail end dancing a different version than the other three
17 Belasicko Oro--Macedonia
18 Waltz--music was Wisconsin Waltz
19 and 20 Polka--music was Auctioneer Polka and Across the Plains
    Marvin was having fun

1  Connie
2  Don
3  Isabelle
4  Jackie V.
5  Jackie Z.
6  Jon
7  Larissa
8  Marianne
9  Marvin
10 Rose