Howdy Dancers,

        Kalispell International Folk Dancers will yield the floor to the February Kalispell Contra
        Dance Saturday Feb. 12. Sassafras Stomp will make the music, and Mark Mathews will be
        the caller. The dance is from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. at the Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful
        Drive. Cost is $7 for adults and teens, $15 for families and free for kids and non-dancers.
        The Contra Dances have re-gained the sponsorship of Kalispell Parks and Recreation for this
        year (after previous city budget cuts), and that's very good news! Look for the dance posters
        around the valley.

        The following weekend, Feb. 19 & 20, is the Steam & Stomp, the annual statewide (regional)
        International Folk Dance gathering at Boulder Hot Springs Resort south of Helena at Boulder.
        Since many Kalispell dancers are planning to take part, the Kalispell International Folk Dance
        will be cancelled for Feb. 19. Next Kalispell international dance will be Feb. 26, from 7 to
        10 p.m., at the Salvation Army gym. Donation is $3 per person to pay for gym rental. The Steam &
        Stomp announcement is attached again as a pdf document.

        Sad news. As most everyone has heard, we lost two long-time inspirational folk dancers in
        January with the deaths first of Marvin Black of Kalispell and then Sam Martinez of
        Helena. They will be missed and will be remembered fondly by all of us whose lives they touched.

        Lauren, currently on assignment in Germany, sends greetings and reports that, "I found a
	square dancing group, Fridays 7-10. It is the funniest thing, a German man calling and singing
        in English. The group is all German except for two Americans. They were very friendly and I
        plan on returning again. I can't believe it."

        Rose & I tried to track down other folk dancing groups on our January trek to visit family
	and friends around the West, but we seemed to have bad luck (or poor planning) because we
	landed in various cities on the wrong nights. Otherwise, it was a nice respite from winter.

        For more information on international dancing and links to upcoming events, free music and
        other information, visit the Kalispell International Folk Dancers web site, where you can
        also find playlists from past dances:

        Here are the dances:
        Aino Kchume             Assyria
        Setnja                  Serbia
        Ivanice                 Macedonia
        Ajde Jano               Serbia
        Promoroaca              Romaina
        Tankosava               Serbia
        Djado mitjovata         Bulgaria
        Siriul                  Romania
        Gori More               Macedonia
        Be'er Basadeh           Israel
        Miserlou                Israel
        Dance Of Ikaria         Greece
        Be'er Basadeh (Russ taught)     Israel
        Zimushka                        Russia
        Dvasti Tristi           Bulgaria
        Armenian Turn           Armenia
        Narino                  Turkey
        Mom Bar                 Armenia
        Orijent                 Serbia
        Dospatsko Horo          Bulgaria
        Satovcensko Horo        Bulgaria
        Snurreboken             Sweden
        Harmonica               Israel
        Raksi Jaak              Estonia
        Troika                  Russia
        Tzena Tzena             Israel


        1. Russ
        2. Missy
        3. Jackie
        4. Kathy
        5. Sam
        6. Ruth
        7. Connie
        8. Jackie
        9. Anne
        10. Rose
        11. Don

        Happy dancing!