Hello Friends,

        Kalispell International Folk Dancing resumes Saturday night after a two-week hiatus. It'll be cold,
        but the snow looks to be over, so come warm up with some fun new dances from the Steam and Stomp
        last weekend at Boulder Hot Springs. We dance from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Salvation Army gym, 110
        Bountiful Drive (a block east of Hwy 93 and a block south of the hospital). A $3 donation is requested
        to help pay for the gym rental.

        Steam and Stomp was well attended and excellent, as always, despite the cold, wind and light snow outside.
        Thanks again to Bill Bucher of Helena for organizing it. Sally, Susan, Bill and Russ had dances to teach,
        and there was a tribute dance on Sunday for two of our friends that we lost recently, Marvin Black and
        Sam Martinez. Sam's son Joe joined us for Saturday's dancing. Sally and Alan were among those who
        were able to attend the memorial service for Sam in Helena on Sunday afternoon following Steam and
        Stomp. "I know everyone with long drives had to get home," she wrote, "but a good number of
        Helena-area folk dancers went, as well as Cecelia and her mother-in-law.  About 50 people attended,
        mostly from Sam's church.  Theresa gave a very interesting rendition of the story of Sam's life, and son
        Joe also spoke a bit.  There were hymns and prayers, and several different people, including Bill Bucher,
        stood up to tell stories about Sam. I was glad we were able to go."
        A memorial for Marvin is tentatively scheduled for May.

        Cecelia in Bozeman sent the following interesting postscript to Steam and Stomp. (If the links aren't live,
        I think you can copy and paste them into the address bar.)

        Regarding dances and questions from the weekend:

        Video of a Russian dance that Sally taught, Ya da Kalinushku Lomala:
        Russ taught: Valle Pogonishte. Those lyrics and many others are at:
        Agchka Jerazanke is on Steam and Stomp 2002 video, tape 2, at 109 minutes.

        Horehronsky (hoh-reh HROHN-skee) Czardas is a women’s dance from the upper
        Hron Valley in Slovakia. It shows Hungarian influence but it is still
        basically Slovakian. It was introduced by Anatol Joukowsky at the University
        of the Pacific Folk Dance Camp, 1967. Here are lyrics:

        Tota Hel’pa, tota Hel’pa
        To je pekné mesto.
        Av tej Hel’pe, av tej Hel’pe
        Shvarnych chlapcov je sto.

        /Koho je sto, toho je sto
        ne po mojej vôli.
        Len za jednym, len za jednym
        Srdiechko ma boli./

        Za Janichkom, za Pavlichkom,
        krok by nespravila.
        Za Durichkom, za Misichkom,
        Dunaj preskochila.

        /Dunaj Dunaj Dunaj Dunaj,
        aj to shiro pole,
        len za jednym, len za jednym
        potyeshenie moje./
        This Hel'pa, this Hel'pa
        is a nice town.
        And in Hel'pe there are
        a hundred handsome boys.

        This hundred, that hundred
        are not to my liking.
        Only for one, only for one,
        my heart aches.

        For John, for Paul,
        she wouldn't take a single step.
        For George, for Mike,
        she'd jump over the Danube.

        Danube, Danube,
        and a wide field,
        only for one, only for one,
        My darling.

        For more information on international dancing and links to upcoming events,
        free music and other information, visit the Kalispell International Folk
        Dancers web site, where you can also find playlists from past dances:

        DANCES 02-26-11

        Slow Singing Pravo              Bulgaria
        Niguno Shel Yossi               Israel
        Dobrudzanski Buenek             Bulgaria
        Dospatsko Horo                  Bulgaria
        Djado mitjovata                 Bulgaria
        Cetvorno Shopsko Horo           Bulgaria
        Setnja                          Serbia
        Siriul                          Romania
        Tamzara                         Armenia
        Tresenica                       Serbia
        Sweet Girl                      Turkey
        Ya da kalinushku lomala         Russia
        Eretz Eretz                     Israel
        Tropca                          Romania
        Ajde Jano                       Serbia
        Jacob's Ladder or Sulam Yaakov  Israel
        Dance Above the Rainbow         Ireland
        "Changerais-tu                  Brittany
        Hora ca la Caval                Romania
        Cepelarsko Horo                 Bulgaria
        Duke of Kent's Waltz            England
        Mori Odajo                      Macedonia
        Pe Batute                       Romania
        Sestorka                        Serbia
        Posties Jig2                    Scotland
        Zorba                           Greece
        Tervelska Raka                  Bulgaria

        DANCERS 02-26-11
        1. Russ
        2. Jackie
        3. Don
        4. Rose
        5. Karen
        6. Jon
        7. Mia
        8. Connie
        9. Roger
        10. Sharon
        11. Sam
        12. Ruth
        13. Jackie v