Hello Dancers,

        Kalispell International Folk Dancing at the Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful Drive.

        Take advantage of the melting snow and step out for Kalispell International Folk Dancing tonight, from 7 to 10 p.m.,
        at the Salvation Army gym a block south of the hospital. Donation is $3 to help pay the rent. We had a good
        session last weekend introducing some of the new dances taught at the Steam & Stomp gathering in
        Boulder two weeks ago.

        The following Saturday, March 12, there will be a Contra Dance at the Salvation Army. International dancing
        will resume March 19.

        The Butte international dancers are planning another dance and teaching weekend July 30-31. Eva sends the following:
        Helene Eriksen will be giving workshops in Butte the last weekend of July.
        Topics that we've talked about that would be of interest to men as well as women dancers include Turkish or
        Kurdish dances.  Also racenica variations.  I think Helene can also teach the Attan, the national dance of
        Please spread the word among International dancers.
        There will also be workshops in women's dances from the Middle East and North Africa.
        More later.  If you're definitely not interested this year, let me know.
        Contact Eva at: maxneva@rfwave.net

        For more information on international dancing and links to upcoming events, free music and other information,
        visit the Kalispell International Folk Dancers web site, where you can also find playlists from past dances:

        DANCES 03-05-11
        Cepelarsko Horo                 Bulgaria
        Siriul                          Romania
        Biserka                         Serbia
        Trite Pati                      Bulgaria
        Tresenica                       Serbia
        Niguno Shel Yossi               Israel
        Harmanlijska Racenica           Bulgaria
        Takanata                        Bulgaria
        Zaeskata                        Bulgaria
        Setnja                          Serbia
        Dance from Plav                 Montenegro
        Ivanice                         Macedonia
        Jiana                           Romania
        Zimushka                        RussIa
        Cobankat                        Albania
        Dobrudzanski Buenek             Bulgaria
        Eretz Eretz                     Israel
        Ya da kalinushku lomala         Russian
        Djado mitjovata                 Bulgaria
        Savila Se Bela Loza             Serbia
        Dospatsko Horo                  Bulgaria
        Newcastle                       England
        Mairi's Wedding                 Scotland
        Salty Dog Rag                   USA
        Cotton Eyed Joe                 USA
        Rumelaj Romanian                Gypsy
        Lo Ahavti Dai                   Israel
        Tsamiko                         Greece
        Valle Nuseve Nga Korca          Albania
        Verapcheto                      Bulgaria
        Vulpiuta                        Romania
        Ma Navu                         Israel
        Harmonica                       Israel
        Heya Heya                       Israel
        Svends Hambo                    Sweden

        DANCERS 03-05-11
        1. Russ
        2. Missy
        3. Roger
        4. Don
        5. Rose
        6. Joe
        7. Lita
        8. Kathy
        9. Ruth
        10. Sam

        Happy dancing!