Howdy Dancers,

        Hope everyone is enjoying the sun! Kalispell International Folk Dancing continues Saturday
        May 14, from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful Drive (a block east of
        Hwy 93 and a block south of the hospital and hospice). A donation of $3 is requested to
        pay the rent.

        We may want to consider summer dance hours, since the days are getting longer and the
        weather is finally warm. We also have a suggestion from Rebecca that an afternoon dance
        might be nice occasionally, to make attendance easier for families with kids. See you
        Saturday night!

        At the end is a play list from the Tulsa group. Thanks, Sally! Watch out for all those tornados.

        For more information on international dancing and links to events, free music and other
        information, visit the Kalispell International Folk Dancers web site, where you can also
        find playlists from past dances:

        DANCES 05-14-11

        Kendime                 Turkey
        Ooska Gookas            Armenia
        Agir Halay              Turkey
        Dimitrija               Armenia
        Tervelska Raka          Bulgaria
        Biserka                 Serbia
        Trugnala Rumjana        Bulgaria
        Pata Pata               South Africa
        Ma Navu                 Israel
        Ya da kalinushku lomala Russia
        Dedo mili dedo          Macedonia
        Tervelska Tropanka      Bulgaria
        Cimpoi                  Romania
        T'Filati                Israel
        Stella di maggio        Swiss-Italian
        Alunelul de la Urzica   Romania
        Pe Batute               Romania
        Promoroaca              Romaina
        Siriul -long            Romania
        Godecki Cacak           Serbia
        Hora Miresii            Romania
        Cacak in 5              Serbia
        Zimushka                Russia
        Rumelaj                 Romanian Gypsy
        Jove Malaj Mome         Bulgaria
        Dobrudzanski Buenek     Bulgaria
        Bavno Oro               Macedonia
        Maître De La Maison     France
        Narodno Oro             Macedonia
        Yankinata               Bulgaria
        Sabrali sa se, sabrali  Bulgaria
        Staro Pomasko           Bulgaria
        Tankosava               Serbia
        Kol Dodi                Israel
        Birchot Havdalah        Israel
        Gori More               Macedonia
        Miserlou                Israel

        DANCERS 05-14-11
        1. Russ
        2. Missy
        3. Roger
        4. Jackie
        5. Holy
        6. Cris
        7. Rebecca and kids
        8. Connie
        9. Don
        10. Rose
        11. Jon

        TULSA DANCES 052011
        Tasino  				Serbia
        Master of the House (Maitre de la Maison)  	France
        Ini Vituii  				Romania
        Hora Miresii  				Romania
        Hora de la Soroca  			Romania
        Song of Joy  				Greece
        Song of the Night  			Greece
        Garoon  				Armenia
        Mavi Boncuk 				Turkey (music is same as Garoon but with Turkish words, different dance)
        Hineh Ma Tov  				Israel
        Ferryboat Reel  			Scotland, mixer
        Jesucita in Chihuahua 			Mexico, couple dance
        't Smidje  				Belgium (it's Gay Gordons done to some great modern music)
        Opinca  				Romania
        Tikho Nad Richkoyu  			Ukraine
        Kak Pri Balkye  			Russia
        Ajnzerica  				Croatia
        Mitrino Horo  				Bulgaria (or Macedonia?)
        Vlasko  				Bulgaria
        Tino Mori  				Macedonia
        Moj Maro Moj Marine  			Albania
        Liliano Mome  				Bulgaria
        Kumanovsko Oro  			Macedonia
        Jovano Jovanke  			Macedonia (our weekly closing dance)
        Sepastia Bar  				Armenia (Susan Hinkins taught this for our Tulsa workshop a few yrs ago)
        Kukuvicka  				Bulgaria
        Adjon az Isten  			Hungary
        St. George of Skyros  			Greece
        I Trata  				Greece
        Mayim  					Israel
        Yar Ko Parag  				Armenia

	Happy dancing,