Hello Dancers,

        After a week off, International Folk Dancing in Kalispell is tonight, Saturday, June 18, from 8 to 10 p.m.
        (summer hours), at the Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful Drive. At our last session we were joined by
        Brenna, whose parents had danced with us the previous weekend and who is in Montana for a summer
        Job Corps stint doing trails work on the Kootenai National Forest.

        Next weekend, June 25-26,  is the eighth annual Stamp & Camp international folk dance weekend in the
        Flathead Valley. The long range forecast actually envisions decent weather for the occasion, although
        at this point I'll believe it when I see it. But as in past years we will gather at the Salvation Army gym in
        Kalispell Saturday afternoon probably starting around 1 p.m. and dance until around 4 p.m. when
        visitors will be invited to head up to Russ & Missy's place to set up camp. We don't yet
        have a venue for the evening potluck dinner but will come up with something.  Dancing resumes at the
        Salvation Army Saturday evening and continues until everyone is tired. Then we head up to Russ & Missy's
        for overnight camping and morning breakfast, followed by a few dances in the legendary Chicken House.
        Dinner & breakfast are potluck affairs, so bring whatever is convenient. We typically have plenty of
        yummy food. We look forward to seeing many of our dancing friends from around the state.

        The Montana Folk Festival follows the weekend of July 8-10 in Butte. This is the next evolution of the
        national folk festival hosted by Butte the past three years, and it looks like another fine calendar of
        events. See the link below. There will again be international dancing Saturday morning.

        For more information on international dancing and links to events, free music and other information,
        visit the Kalispell International Folk Dancers web site, where you can also find playlists from past dances:

        DANCES 06-18-11

        Ya da kalinushku lomala         Russia
        Dance Of Ikaria                 Greece
        Changerais-tu (Andro Retourne)  Brittany
        Valle Pogonishte                Albania
        Gankino Horo (3)                Macedonia
        Tervelska Raka                  Bulgaria
        Kritikos Syrtos                 Greece
        Dobrudzanski Buenek             Bulgaria
        Dobrudjanska Reka               Bulgaria
        Zensko za raka                  Macedonia
        Tervelska Tropanka              Bulgaria
        Gori More                       Macedonia
        Zorba                           Greece
        Dance Above the Rainbow         Ireland
        Lakodalmi Tanc                  Hungary
        T'Filati                        Israel
        Ma Navu                         Israel
        Makedonsko Devojce              Macedonia
        Syrtos (SikoHorepse Kukli Mu)   Greece
        Kalamatianos                    Greece

        DANCERS 06-18-11

        1. Russ
        2. Missy
        3. Jackie
        4. Kathy
        5. Marianne
        6. Rose
        7. Don
        8. Connie

        Happy dancing,