NOTE THE DIFFERENT LOCATION! This should be a one time only change!
        Our first Contra Dance of the year will be at the Senior Citizen Center, the Salvation Army gym is being used,
        and Northridge Lutheran is being used also..
        Oct 8th, 2011
        Band-The Usual Suspects (Barbara Calm, Gary Morris, Jason Foy)
        Caller-Sarah Burdick
        Senior Citizen Center, 403 2nd Ave w. (2 blocks south of Sykes)
        7:30-10:30 PM
        The first part of the evening will have very easy dances and explanation of common calls.
        ALL the dances throughout the evening are taught and called....
        $7.00-Adults and Teens
        If you have any questions, call Joe or Sherry
        Hope to see you there!