Hello Dancers,

        Kalispell International Folk Dancers dance again Saturday 7 to 10 p.m., at the Salvation Army gym,
        110 Bountiful Drive. We had a good group, including several new dancers, and it was a
        fun night.

        There's discussion about possibly changing the night that we gather each week and
        perhaps even the dance venue. Saturdays are great but often put us in conflict with
        other events around the valley, making it tough to choose what to attend. In addition,
        Roger is finding it increasingly difficult to dance on Saturdays, and he's one of our key
        leaders and teachers. So far, sentiment is leaning toward Friday nights as a good alternative,
        if we can secure our dance venue on that night. Also, there's a possibility we might be
        able to move to one of the Kalispell schools and have the venue for free. Russ is looking
        into some of these options. Let us know what you think!

        Bill Bucher in Helena advises that the 2012 Steam & Stomp at Boulder Hot Springs will be
        the weekend of Feb. 18-19, so keep those dates open. This is the premiere annual
        international dance weekend in the state.

        Belated happy birthday to Missy, and we hope that the Hawaiian adventure was wonderful!

        For more information on international dancing and links to upcoming events, free music and
        other information, visit the Kalispell International Folk Dancers web site, where you can also
        find playlists from past dances and links to music for many of the dances that we do:

        DANCES 11-12-11

        Slow Singing Pravo                      Bulgaria
        Seta                                    Serbia
        Chilili                                 Bolivia
        Djado mitjovata                         Bulgaria
        Juice of Barley                         England
        Ma Navu                                 Israel
        Lo Ahavti Dai                           Israel
        Jacob's Ladder (Shulam Yaakou)          Israel
        Birchot Havdalah                        Israel
        Armenian Turn                           Armenia
        Rumelaj                                 Romanian Gypsy
        Dance Above the Rainbow                 Ireland
        Ve'david                                Israel
        Lakodalmi Tanc                          Hungary
        Tamzara                                 Armenia
        Stella di maggio                        Swiss-Italian
        Arap (Zajko Kokorajko)                  Macedonia
        Mayim                                   Israel
        Cepelarsko Horo                         Bulgaria
        Kol Dodi                                Israel
        Go fanale edno mome                     Macedonia
        Dospatsko Horo                          Bulgaria
        Harmonica                               Israel
        Jove Malaj Mome                         Bulgaria
        Sitna Zborenka                          Bulgaria
        Tervelska Raka                          Bulgaria
        Bavno Oro                               Macedonia

        DANCERS 11-12-11
        1. Dennis
        2. Beth
        3. Rick
        4. Roger
        5. Sharon
        6. Jackie Z
        7. Don
        8. Rose
        9. Russ
        10. Crystal
        11. Sam
        12. Ruth
        13. Jon
        14. Larissa and Kids
        15. Kathy
        16. Mat
        17. Connie
        18. Jackie v
        19. Jennifer

        Happy dancing!