Hello Friends,

        Kalispell IFD next Saturday, Dec. 15, from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Salvation Army Community Center, 110
        Bountiful Drive.
        The annual outpouring of Christmas gifts and goodies for needy children continues to gobble up the
        dance floor space in our large gym dance venue. It's impressive! We had another good dance group last
        weekend, with the dancing pace slowed for a time as several tried to find overnight accommodations for
        a homeless fellow who turned up on a very cold night. I think the efforts were successful, and all came
        right thanks to Connie, Ruth, Sam, Kathy B and others.

        With Christmas and New Year's Eve fast approaching, Kathy Neff advises that there are several dance
        venues this year for First Night in downtown Kalispell. A First Night badge will get you in to them
        and to many other events. I know Rose and I are planning to do First Night this year.

        Kathy writes: There will be dancing at Kalispell Senior Center from 7 to 8:45 PM (this is an hour
        longer than I previously thought), featuring Left Side Brains (our family band, which includes Sam on
        accordion) and I'll call/teach the dances. We primarily do easy family line and circle dances, and
        some contras depending on who shows up.  I try to specialize in dances that are quick to learn, and
        fun to dance for everyone.  We can do some international dances, particularly Mairi's Wedding, some
        easy English Country dances (I think we have all the music if a dance is suggested in advance), and
        could even add some others.  I would like to specifically invite the Folk dance group to come and join
        us, as well as the regular Contra dance folks.  I'd be happy to work out some details in advance if
        you have suggestions. The Swing group follows us at 9:00 PM at the Senior Center.  Not sure if this
        is demonstration or group dancing, probably a little of both. I'm assuming Marimba band is playing
        somewhere that evening as well, possibly a dance venue too.

        On Saturday January 5, 7:30 to 10:30 PM, we have another regular Contra dance scheduled with same band
        and me calling again at the Senior Center. I think we can get to more advanced contra dancing on the 5th;
        our group is now getting more experienced. I know Saturdays are always a conflict with International
        Dance night...I don't know if one of these times the group would consider dancing instead at the contra.
        I realize it is a tricky topic. Anyhow, maybe it will work out for First Night?

        Steam and Stomp at Boulder Hot Springs will be Feb. 16-17, according to Bill Bucher. He has sent out the
        official poster announcement, which is attached to this email as a pdf. This is probably the most popular
        annual IFD event in the state, and the hotel accommodations have a way of filling up as the winter creeps
        along, so if you're interested in attending, don't delay too long in making your plans and reservations.

        The Bozeman IFD group plans a dance party on New Year's Eve from 2 to 4 p.m., followed by a potluck with
        location to be announced. If you're planning to be in the Bozeman area for New Year's, contact Cecelia
        for details: cecelia AT notess.com
        She has also forwarded photos of the play list from the Missoula dance weekend, courtesy of Mitchell Frey.
        Since the dance music came from two different sources, not all the dances made it to the computerized
        list that went out. If anyone wants the play list from the poster boards, let me know.

        Djado mitjovata 		Bulgaria
        Le'or Chiyuchech        	Israel
        Dospatsko Horo  		Bulgaria
        Harmonica 			Israel
        Kak po Logu     		Russia
        Go fanale edno mome     	Macedonia
        Ma Navu				Israel
        Dance Above the Rainbow 	Ireland
        Ajde Jano			Serbia
        Eretz Eretz			Israel
        Takanata        		Bulgaria
        Dobrudzanska Pandela    	Bulgaria
        Stella di maggio        	Swiss-Italian
        Birchot Havdalah        	Israel
        Miserlou        		Greek-American
        Tervelska Tropanka      	Bulgaria
        Duke of Perth 			Scotland
        Kritikos Syrtos 		Greece
        Siriul  			Romania
        T'Filati 			Israel
        Zimushka        		Russia
        Opinca  			Romania
        Bavno Oro			Macedonia
        Arnautsko Horo  		Bulgaria -Pirin
        Cocek   			Serbia
        Be'er Basadeh 			Israel
        Tervelska Raka  		Bulgaria
        Ali Pasa        		Turkey
        Tamzara 			Armenia
        Hora Femeilor   		Romaina
        Cepelarsko Horo 		Bulgaria
        Zorba   			Greece
        Horehronski Csardas     	Slovakia
        Zensko za raka  		Macedonia
        Joc batranesc de la Niculitel   Romania

        1.      Russ
        2.      Missy
        3.      Connie
        4.      Jackie Z
        5.      Jackie V
        6.      Cathy
        7.      Eva
        8.      Max
        9.      Ruth
        10.     Sam
        11.     Rose
        12.     Don
        13.     Shannon

        Happy Dancing!