Hello Dancers,

The moon is nearly full, the night will be fair, and it's a good evening to come out for Kalispell International Folk Dancing, 8 to 10 p.m., at the Salvation Army Community Center, 110 Bountiful Drive.

We celebrated Connie's birthday with ice cream floats, and we were joined by my son Dan, his wife Sandra and our 16-month-old grandson Ian, visiting from Malmo, Sweden. Sandra was quite taken by the concept of a root beer float. Ian shakes to the music -- might be a future dancer.

At the peak of summer, it's tough to remember that the fall equinox is only five weeks away. But that means it's time to make plans for Dancing in the Country, Hallie's annual gathering at the Weather Rock Barn in the beautiful Shields River Valley north of Bozeman. It's a grand setting between the Bridger Range and the Crazy Mountains, and there's something for everyone. Here's some advance information from Hallie and Cecelia:

The 7th Annual Dancing in the Country at Weather Rock Barn - Sat/Sun September 20/21st.

Let's Celebrate 50 years! What? Check out what happened 50 years ago, the year was 1964. Bring an item and we'll toast to that at dinner. Remember this is a fun weekend - It is all Admission Free - sometimes but rarely, we put out a donation jar . . .Come enjoy sessions of International FolK Dance put together by Cecelia Notess and Susan Hinkins on Saturday. Come early in the morning and Cecelia may surprise everyone starting the music before noon.

Mid afternoon on Saturday about 3:00 - an interlude of live music, featuring "Jake and the Geriatrics" (okay, its a 5 piece accordion dance band with young drummer, Jake), invites social dancers and everyone to the Barn's dance floor. Tunes that will blur the boundary between social/ballroom and folk dance favorites, Swing, waltz, polka, American pop, Latin, schottisches and a set of what we call Retro Mix. Can you cha cha cha to a calypso beat? Come and enjoy the afternoon with partners, dates and friends.

Pot Luck Dinner at 5:30 p.m. Bring a dish to share. Celebrate 50 years! Contra Dance upstairs at the Barn at 7:00 p.m. Fiddle Dundee, the trio that has been playing the music festival scene this summer, will provide tunes for Bev Young one of our favorite callers. Three hours of Contras and maybe special dances Bev is cooking up for everyone.

Cecelia holds forth with more Intl. Folk Dancing during the evening in the small house with a wooden dance floor located just west of the house. More Intl. folk dance continues at the Barn on Sunday morning.

Folk dancers have come from many locations around the state. They are always welcome to stay overnight here. My house is available with sleeping bag space. Campers welcomed as usual. Outdoor shower available too. Breakfast at the house on Sunday morning. Coffee on at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast goodies provided in the Kitchen. Then another Folk Dance session follows on Sunday morning till . . .

For more information on international folk dancing, past Kalispell playlists, and links to other folk dance sites, free music and much more, visit the Kalispell IFD web site. http://montanafolkdance.org/flathead/

Dances 8-9-14

  1. Bavno Oro
  2. Birchot Havdalah
  3. T'Filati
  4. Vulpiuta
  5. Satovcensko Horo
  6. Slow Singing Pravo
  7. Seta
  8. Ma Navu
  9. Kostersko Oro
  10. Ciganja
  11. Gori More
  12. Be'er Basadeh
  13. Miserlou
  14. Kritiko Serviko
  15. Sedi Donka
Romanian Gypsy
Greece, Crete
  1. Connie
  2. Missy
  3. Russ
  4. Jackie V
  5. Jackie Z
  6. Rose
  7. Don
  8. Sandy
  9. Dan
  10. Ian

Happy dancing,