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Fourth of July weekend!

I demonstrated Vodarki Oro. A dance I learned back in the day, not sure which recreation folk dance group was doing it but that it was about 1978. Atanas Kolarovski presented Vodarki Oro at the Stockton Folk Dance Camp in 1969, and judging by the syllabus the same dance. The Music is by; The Peoples International Silver String Macedonian Band, (PISS Band) released in 1973, on Bay Records. A really great group making excellent music. Read the album inside notes, lots of info about the band, "why do you play that far out mucic? Because we love it;" and the music on the album.

Lots of fun. From about 1976 to about 1984 when I could, I would dance Thursday nights - Cal State Northridge, Friday - UCLA Men's Gym, Saturday - Valley College. Sometimes on Monday's - Monday Night Kolo Class with Billy Burke. Rarely on Tuesday - Cal Tech. Many times Wednesday - Israeli near UCLA. Cafe Danssa was not very far from where I lived, but just didn't go there that much.

Helen is a great dancer, she led Vordarki Oro. for a warm up, during a Calgary 2000 workshop with Edwidge Munn. I asked her if she remembered Vodarki, and she said she would give it go. I think she did great. The only thing I see, and she remembered after the first pattern, the hands begin down. Helen lead the rest of the dance beautifully. At the hop step steps hand are in W position. The last part the arms are down. Thank you Helen!

Helen has her own web page: Helen's Yiddish Dance Page Dances of The Jews of Eastern Europe.

Syllabus for Vodarki Oro can be found SFC 1969, page 178

Dances 07-02-16

  1. Vodarki Oro
  2. Arnautsko Horo
  3. Tokyo Polka
  4. Haroa Haktana (Flying Fish)
  5. Maître De La Maison
  6. Kritiko Serviko
  7. Valle Pogonishte
  8. Armenian Turn
  9. Valle E Permetit
  10. Valle Nuseve Nga Korca
  11. Go Fatile mome
  12. Drjanovska Racenica 2
  13. Narodno Oro
  14. Cekurjankino Horo
  15. Ali Pasa
  16. Ciganja
  17. Zensko za raka
  18. Bavno Oro
  19. Rustemul
  20. Talima
  21. Tervelska Tropanka
  22. Batrineasca
    • I was young, now I'm old.
      Achy muscles creaky bones.
      Enough complaining with this rap.
      Time to go and take a nap!
Bulgaria, Pirin
Greece, Crete
  1. Russ
  2. Missy
  3. Roger
  4. Bruce
  5. Jon
  6. Jackie V.
  7. Connie
  8. Don
  9. Rose
  10. Marianne
  11. Jackie Z.

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